Review: Flair Espresso Neo Flex

The new model of your favourite Flair Espresso handheld coffee machine is here! The Flair Neo Flex is the perfect beginner's coffee machine with lots of benefits, and now we're taking a closer look at it together!

The Flair NEO Flex manual lever espresso machine

TheFlair NEO Flex is the perfect combination of a professional handheld espresso machine to achieve café-like coffee, yet a very affordable and portable coffee machine for home and travel .

Thecoffee maker is made of polycarbonate, which means theframe is durable and lightweight. It comes with two different portafilters, Flow-Control and Bottomless 2-in-1, so every home barista can brew coffee exactly to their liking.

With the standard brew head, you can make up to an18gram batch, so there's 45ml of espresso in a cup . This means you can easily make a double espresso with the NEO Flex .

The set includes:

  • Standard Brew Head
  • Portafilter with flow control
  • 2in1 bottomless portafilter
  • plastic tamper and filling funnel
  • Upgradeable with PRO 2 Brew Head
  • preparation guide

Differences between the Flow-Control portafilter and the Bottomless 2-in-1

TheFlow-Control portafilter (red) is ideal for newcomers who are just starting out with espresso brewing. It features a restricted outlet and, as the name suggests, the portafilter takes care of creating the appropriate pressure needed to extract the espresso.

If you don't have the finest espresso grinder on hand, or you can't quite get the coarseness of the grind, this portafilter will forgive you.

TheBottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter (Black)is ideal for when espresso lovers are ready to further control the extraction. This portafilter requires a high-quality espresso grinder so you can control the variables in each batch.

This is because if you grind the coffee too finely, the lever won't let you press down. If, on the other hand, you grind the coffee too coarsely, the lever will come down without any resistance and the espresso won't brew .

Black Bottomless 2-in-1 portafilter for more advanced baristas and red Flow-Control for beginners. Source:

Who should get the Flair NEO Flex and why?

TheNEO Flex is ideal foranyone who wants to start making home espresso in a way that is very simple to learn, but at the same time, the quality is equivalent to coffee from a professional coffee machine.

Specifically, the NEO Flex is ideal for the novice home barista who wants to buy theirfirst coffee machine but doesn't want to invest too much money in it.

And why is it suitable for beginners?

  • It's very affordable,
  • easy to use and learn,
  • thanks to the two types of portafilter with two different levels of difficulty, there is the possibility to improve in espresso preparation,
  • thanks to its lightweight design (lighter than most laptops) and easy disassembly, the machine is more portable than other models, so you can take it on the go.

How to use a manual lever espresso machine

Thebrewing process in the NEO Flex handheld coffee machine requires hot water, freshly ground coffee and a small amount of patience, which pays off.

Here's an exact how-to guide:

  1. Firstof all ,preheat the stainless steel head of the coffee maker .
  2. Finelygrind 15 grams of coffeein the hopper .
  3. Squeeze the coffee with a tamper.
  4. Put thestraineron it.
  5. Place the tray in the stand with the desired portafilter ready and add thepreheated stainless steel head on top .
  6. Fill the head with hot water.
  7. Insert the plunger and slowly begin to depress the lever until you feel resistance.
  8. Gradually increase the pressure on the lever until you reach the desired output (which can be measured using a scale) and your espresso is beautifully extracted.

Here is also a clear video on how to make coffee:

Cleaning the Flair NEO Flex

Cleaning your coffee machine is an integral part of the process and you should alwayscleanyour machine thoroughly after use so that the next espresso can be made at 100% and the final taste is not affected by residues such as coffee grounds. So let's show you how to do it.

After steaming , separate the head and the portafilter. We recommend doing this preferably over the sink so that theresidual water can drain out and you don't get dirty.

Remove the used coffee grounds from the portafilter bytappingthem against the side of a trash can or garbage disposal, inverting the portafilter and blowing it into the drain or using a brush to remove the grounds .

After removing the coffee grounds , rinse all parts in cold water. However, do not use any detergents as this may affect the taste of your next espresso.

Never put Flair parts in the dishwasher. After use, wipe the base of the espresso machine with aclean cloth, no need to use any cleaning products or chemicals here either.

Recommended accessories

Flair coffee machines are inherently accompanied by additional accessories that not only give you better quality coffee, but also make using your Flair more enjoyable.

If you want to take yourFlair NEO Flex on the road, atravel case is an essential accessory . You can simplyfold your Flair NEO Flex into it and enjoy your espresso, for example, in the middle of the forest .

Other accessories you can use to upgrade your equipment are, for example, astainless steel 40mm tamper or a handy stainless steel cup mat with drip tray, which will add luxury and aesthetics to your Flair .


In conclusion, I can say that the new Flair NEO Flex manual lever espresso machine is the perfect choice for those who are just starting out with espresso, don't want to invest in a too expensive machine, but at the same time want to enjoy a really good quality espresso that is comparable to what you order in a coffee shop.

There are two different portafilters in the package, so you can practice making espresso and then improve and try out what suits you best.

And with the optional accessories, your preparation will be even more professional and you'll be able to enjoy your espresso anywhere in the world. So come and get your Flair NEO Flex and finally be one of the "Flairistas".

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