REVIEW: Nanofoamer V2 vs Bialetti

Not sure how to choose a home milk frother? Is it better to use manual or electric? I'll tell you! We have tested and described the milk frothers in this review.


Electric vs manual milk frother

Theright texture and consistency of milk froth is key to achieving the perfect cup of latte or cappuccino. However, there's not always a need to buy coffee machines with a steam nozzle when a cappuccino isn't a drink you enjoy every day.

For these cases, there are electric or manual milk frothers that will ensure your homemade cappuccino has a beautiful texture with quality microfoam. It is generally known that amanual frother tends to be cheaper than its electric counterpart. But the question is which is the right one. So let's introduce them first.

The Bialetti Tuttocrema manual milk frother

The name Bialetti may be familiar to many of you, as it is a well-known brand in the production of moka pots. But this Italian company also produces other accessories. Such as the hand-held milk frother with a squeezing system, thanks to which you can prepare a fine and delicious foam for a cappuccino or latte. The volume ofthis milk frother for whipping milk is a maximum of 166 ml.

TheBialetti hand frother is made of food-grade aluminium, so you can heat milk on all types of stovetop in addition to induction . But don't worry you who like cold milk in your coffee, you can create foam in this frother too. The inside of the frother is made of Teflon, so it has a completely non-stick surface. Another great advantage is the double strainer that the Bialetti frother has. Thanks to it, you can achieve better results in frothing milk than with other frothers.

Electric milk frother Subminimal NanoFoamer V2

TheSubminimal NanoFoamer V2 is an innovative electric milk frother which, thanks to its 10,000 rpm speed , offers a quality of whipped milk comparable to the steam nozzle on a coffee machine .

Although the NanoFoamer V2 is a more expensive version, it has many great features and benefits:

  • It handles both cow's milk and plant-based alternatives perfectly,
  • It is battery operated, so when it runs out, just replace it and keep going,
  • it's waterproof, so it's easy to clean under running water,
  • not only can it whip milk, but it's also great for making cocoa, matcha tea or chai lattes.
With the NanoFoamer V2, you can create beautiful latte art in your cappuccino.

Also of note is the improved version of the NanoFoamer Lithium, which already has an integrated battery that can be charged via a USB-C cable.

For the frother, I also recommend getting a barista pot, which will allow you to heat the milk while making it easier to create latte art for your cappuccinos.

Review - Bialleti vs Nanofoamer V2

Because I want the information to be asauthentic and trueas possible . I borrowed both frothers home to compare the features and functions of both of themmyself. For the test, I used cow's milk which I heated to 60°C and after frothing, I created a simple latte art to see what texture the milk had.

Observed advantages and disadvantages of the Bialleti frother after the home test:


  • Price
  • the milk is whipped directly in the jug, no need to buy additional products
  • can be heated directly in the jug
  • no need to recharge or replace batteries


  • Larger and thicker foam, so it doesn't draw as well
  • foaming takes longer than with an electric
  • more physically demanding

A little tip for you - Even though you can fit 166ml of milk in the frother, it's alwaysbetter to use less. This is because the milk tends torun out of the frother and spill as it forms a really thick froth. It will also save you time skimming, your hand won't hurt as much and you won't have to clean up a spilt kitchen counter.

Observed advantages and disadvantages of the NanoFoamer V2 after a home test:


  • Speed
  • Physical ease of use
  • powerful motor (compared to Ikea frothers, for example)
  • Creates a beautiful soft milk with high quality microfoam
  • nice latte art can be achieved


  • more expensive than manual frothers
  • battery replacement or recharging required
  • need to have a jug at home in which to prepare the milk

I also did a test with cold milk to see if the texture changes in any way. I didn't notice any major changes, both products managed to froth the cold milk very well.

Comparison of the foam produced with homemade milk frothers. Bialetti frother on the right, NanoFoamer V2 on the left. Source.

In the photo on the right, milk is frothed using the Bialettifrother. As with warm milk, the froth is thicker and forms a sort of "cap". It also forms more bubbles. On the left is milk frothed with the NanoFoamer V2. Here the milk is creamier and softer at first gl ance. There is much less foam and it is not as thick.

How to make microfoam with the Subminimal Nanofoamer V2

Creating microfoam with the NanoFoamer V2 is easier than ever. Microfoam is especially important for creating latte art. With this frother, you can do it in just 20 seconds and your homemade rossettes will be comparable to those made by professional baristas in a coffee shop .

TheNanoFoamer has two different grids for whisking the milk - Fine and Super fine. Thefine grid is particularly suitable for making lattes, as it produces athicker froth. TheSuper fine is more suitable for making cappuccinos, as the foam is finer and easier to create latte art with .

Then you just need to regulate the desired speed andpractice how you work best with the NanoFoamer.


In conclusion, whether you choose the Bialetti handheld frother or the electric NanoFoamer 2 it will always be a great choice. However, even though the Bialetti frother is cheaper, with the electric frother you can make froth that is creamier and comparable to the whipped milk from the steam nozzle on a coffee maker. So which one will you use to conjure up your perfect cappuccinos?

Read also our article on barista teapots. Which is the best one to use and which one do you find best to draw latte art with?

Bialleti hand frother with double strainer for better frothing results. Source.

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