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In 2002, in many parts of Europe, the concept of choice coffee was relatively unknown, even in Berlin, which is now one of Europe's centres of choice coffee. At thattime, the founders of 19grams opened the roastery Tres Cabezas (Three Heads). They weren't satisfied with the kind of coffee that was available in cafés, restaurants or bars at the time and decided to change that.

They started with the knowledge of coffee as a crop, coffee cherries, coffee varieties and their subsequent processing. And also with the possibilities of transporting a selection of coffee to Berlin.

In order to get the coffee selection to Berlin, they started to travel as well. They got to know the farmers and producers. They planted coffee trees, harvested cherries and tried selling on their own coffee farm. This gave them contacts and friends with whom they still work today. They source coffee from farms all over the world - Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Indonesia and China. However, the availability of coffee on offer varies according to the harvest seasons.


The roastery's entire creation has been influenced by friends and colleagues in the US, Australia and other countries. It was thanks to colleagues in Australia that the roastery was renamed 19grams in 2018. This is the amount of coffee needed to make a double espresso or an Australian flat white. In addition, the roasting team has grown, so the name Tres Cabezas no longer had the same meaning as it did in the beginning. Now there are four people in charge of the roastery, Gerrit, Anthony, Marianne and Sascha.


The main rule of 19grams is to buy coffee from farmers they know well. In direct trade, they focus on sustainable, honest and responsible dealings with their partners and producers. Their aim is to build long term business relationships to achieve the highest possible quality of their coffees. You won't find coffees with various awards and certifications in their offer, because it costs a lot of money to use them. They prefer to use this money to develop sustainable and good growing methods.

In addition, several members of the 19grams team sit on the jury of the Cup of Excellencecompetition , so they travel around the world and are always on the lookout for the best coffee of the season.

They also place an emphasis on environmentalsustainability. They buy their coffee in large batches, where it is convenient for them to arrange their own transport. For smaller batches, they transport the bags of coffee to Berlin together with their partners using the same logistics company.

Fairly priced coffeeis also important to them . The price of the coffee is therefore made up of the price agreed with the producer, logistics and transport costs, transport insurance and current exchange rates.

Thecoffee is roasted on a Probatroaster . Roasting is done separately for filter coffees and espresso coffees. Every Wednesday, visitors to the roastery and its adjacent café can see the entire roasting process thanks to a glass-enclosed area. For 19grams, the goal of roasting any coffee is a rich and clean taste with the full sweetness of coffee cherries.

The white packets are mostly simple in design, complete with an image that conveys the flavour profile. Exceptions are the various specials, whose packaging is very distinctive, thanks to the different colour abstractions. Source.


When visiting Berlin, you can enjoy coffee from 19grams directly in their four cafés. The first and smallest of them can be found in the Friedrichshaindistrict , where the story of the roastery began. That's why they left it with the original name Tres Cabezas. This branch was previously connected to the roastery. However, with the increase in orders, there was a need to replace the space with a larger one, so the roastery has been moved to the centre near Alexanderplatz for a couple of years now . The roastery also has an adjacent café, which is also an event studio and training centre.

Theother two cafes, Schlesi and Chaussee, are a little further away from the centre. In addition to coffee, they also offer bruche or other delicacies. Outside of Berlin, 19grams does not have a roastery. However, they supply beans to others all over Europe.