Single dose method and the right choice of coffee grinders

Preserving the freshness of coffee beans

How to prepare the best tasting coffee? The key is to keep the coffee beans fresh at all times. If you put coffee beans in a hopper that is not airtight, they will lose their flavour and aroma within a few daysdue to oxidation. With a grinder designed for the single dose method ,grind only what you currently need and keep the rest in an airtight container.

Change the grind according to the coffee bean

Of course, it may happen at any time that you want to try 3 different coffee samples that have different grind sizes. If I want to try them all at once, do I have to buy 3 different coffee grinders to do so? No way, because the single dose approach allows us the freedom to switch between different beans. We can instantly change beans and grind size between each dose.

Single Dose allows us to switch between different beans and change the grind size. Source.

Who Single Dose is best suited for

Single Dose is obviously not for everyone. If you have a larger household coffee consumption and brew several coffees a day, it's probably better touse a full tray. It's a much quicker and more convenient way in which you can still keep an eye on your coffee dose via the scale. I recommend it for better consistency and taste.

However, if you make one to two cups a day, this technique will be right for you. Are you a coffee adventurer and want to taste coffee from different beans? Then the single dose technique will be your best friend.

Of course,coffee shops and busy establishments make use of the full tray option. Grinding coffee using the single dose method is only used for filtered and decaffeinated coffee. You can see single doses from true professionals at barista competitions.

Airtight containers keep your coffee fresher. Source:

Things to watch out for

There is also one basic thing to look out for when choosing the right coffee grinder. Some grinders just aren't designed for single batch andif you still try to make coffee using this method, you won't get very good results. However, there are two other things to watch out for:

  • Grinder retention
  • The popcorn effect

If you weigh 25.0 g of coffee beans, you shouldget 25.0 g of ground coffee. This doesn't always happen, because we get 24.5 g, for example . The main reason for this is the parts of the coffee grounds that stick to the trough of the grinder. Agrinder retention of 0.5 g or less is downright excellent!

Theuneven grind size is called the popcorn effect. Some parts of the coffee beans hit the burrs and bounce off. They will bounce up and down in the hopper or container. "They pop like microwave popcorn."

Coffee grinders suitable for single dose

Of course, there are a large number of grinderson the market designed for single dose. As mentioned above, care should be taken when choosing a grinder designed for single dose. Therefore, be sure to mention this criterion in your search engine. Then, of course, you have other criteria to choose from.

Airtight single dose coffee makers for home and professional use. Source.

Choosing the right single dose coffee grinder for your home? The ideal companion could be the EurekaORO Mignon Single Dose Coffee Maker. Suitable for those who like to experiment with coffee and frequently change beans for espresso. It has the following advantages:

  • 65mm grinding stones with patented Diamond Inside technology .
  • 45 grams of coffee - always fresh thanks to the airtight container.
  • Tilted chamber so the coffee doesn't stay in the grinder after grinding.
  • Stainless steel cup for easy handling of ground coffee.

Theprofessional coffee grinder Mahlkönig is already designed for cafés where they love precisely prepared select coffee. The pace is truly killer as these grinders grind 20g of coffee per second. The advantages of these grinders are:

  • Vertical steel 98 mm grinding stones
  • Airtight container
  • Fast grinding speed of approx. 20 g/s
  • Easy grind adjustment
  • Minimal coffee retention

With the single dose method, coffee prepared like a master

The single dose method is becoming increasingly popular. Almost every coffee lover wants their coffee as fresh as possible. Special coffee grinders, which are perfect for the single dose method, can help you do just that . Do you need a coffee grinder for the home or a larger operation? Find the right one here!