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Today we're going to take a look at something that has revolutionised the coffee world. A designer coffee machine capable of preparing coffee 3 ways, with a built-in scale and a custom app to help you prepare it. Welcome the Gina dripper!

Who is Gina?

Gina is a finely tuned dripper from Slovenian company Goat Story. The company is known for its pioneering and combining classic concepts with modern technology. Incidentally, Goat Story has also recently made a name for itself with itsArco 2-in-1 grinder . This can be used in two ways: either as a small travel hand grinder or as a home electric grinder.

But back to Gina. The main advantage of this futuristic-looking dripper is its multiple preparation options. Gina can easily turn into (almost!) a classic dripper, a clever dripper or the ultimate cold brew machine .

What is Gina made of?

Theentire coffee machine is made of premium materials. The eye-pleasing ceramic dripper on a stainless steel construction dominates . The pitcher and cold brew tray are made of durable borosilicate glass and look very luxurious. Gina is available in two colours - black and white.

Red Dot Design Award

Incidentally, the design of the Gina coffee machine, which is the brainchild ofLuka Pirnat, was also recognised by the jury of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. So you can have a truly beautiful and functional coffee artefact on your kitchen counter .

Goat Story - Gina Smart Coffee Brewer

Gina Smart Coffee Brewer mobile app

Connected via bluetooth to yoursmartphone, Gina can be used as a scale or stopwatch. The advantage of the mobile app, however, is that itguides you through the different ways of making coffee. You set the brewing method, the coffee to water ratio (how strong you want your coffee) and the desired amount of coffee. Then you just follow the instructions on your phone's display.

Gina Smart Coffee Brewer mobile app |

Give the app feedback

At the end of the actual brewing process, you have the option to give the app feedback on the final taste of the brewed coffee. Therefore, the app can advise you on what to change in the recipe , for example whether to choose a different grind coarseness and so on. Thanks to this, you can make your recipes truly perfect and repeat them later.

Integrated scale

The integrated scale is very precise and measures to thetenth of a gram. It has its own 1000 mAh battery that can last for 20 hours of continuous operation and a full month on standby. Once discharged, simply recharge it via the micro USB connector on the back of the device.

Gina as a dripper

This is what Gina was made for. When making pour-over coffee on the Gina, you follow virtually the same steps as with other drippers. The only difference is that Gina weighs the coffee and water for you, measures the time and the mobile app guides you through the entire process.

A small and useful detail of the Gina dripper

One of the practical advantages of the Gina - if you've ground your coffee too coarsely and you already know it while pouring the coffee, you have the option to gently tighten the tap and slow down the flow of coffee from the dripper. It's happened to all of us. Although unintentionally, Gina can solve this.

Gina's the smart one.

Since underneath the dripper itself is the aforementioned precision-tuned tap, which you can use to completely stop the flow of coffee , turn it on full blast and everything in between, you're looking at another well-known coffee-making gadget - the clever-dripper. So you pour the coffee in the dripper and let it out when you decide. Once again, theGina Smart Coffee Brewer app can help you with the actual preparation .

Gina - the perfect cold brew machine

As a third option, Goat Story have prepared for us a versatile and smartcold brew coffee maker . You put a glass pitcher and pour the coffee into it, and place a round paper filter on top for better water distribution. You then just pour the water with ice into the dripper and use the tap to adjust how fast the water drips onto the coffee.

Mobile app and cold brew

Here I'd like to stop with themobile appitself . One of its advantages lies here. Theintegrated scale connected to your phone knows exactly how much coffee and water you've put into the Gina. In cold brew mode , when you start it up, it prompts you to tap your phone's screen the moment a drop falls from the dripper. Do this a few times in a row and the app will calculate how long it will take for the cold brew to be ready or when you need to add more water and ice.

How to prepare cold brew in the Gina coffee machine?

Who is Gina for?

Gina may initially seem like an overpriced coffee dripper. But if you take a closer look at it and its features, you'll see that this is not the case. In fact, if you were to buy individual pieces of equipment such as a dripper, a teapot, a cold brew machine, a clever dripper, a premium scale that connects to your mobile phone, and a smart app that guides you through the brewing process every time, you'd definitely dig a lot deeper into your wallet.

Plus - you definitely wouldn't get a nice 3-in-1 "piece of furniture" for your coffee nook. For minimalists who love design, great coffee and technological gadgets, the Gina is perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Gina without my phone?

Yes, you can. However, Gina combined with the smartphone app will give you a lot of extra stuff - weighing, timekeeping and coffee making tips. If you still want to skip the phone altogether, there's Gina Basic.

Isn't £6k too much for a dripper?

For a dripper, yes. But the Gina Smart Coffee Brewer isn't just a dripper. Gina is:

  • dripper
  • clever dripper
  • cold brew dripper
  • top-of-the-range scale accurate to 0.1 g
  • 0.7l glass coffee pot
  • the Gina Smart Coffee Brewer mobile app - which guides you through the coffee brewing process and advises you on what to change in your recipes with your feedback

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