[study] The effect of coffee on the brain and your work performance

A new study was published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience on July 28, 2023, which examines the effect of coffee on the efficiency of brain activity. So what's the deal with coffee and the brain?

Coffee and work performance from a scientific perspective

New research conducted by a group of Portuguese-Spanish scientists looks at coffee and the brain. More specifically ,substances contained in coffee, such as caffeine and chlorogenic acids. Despite the fact that we have some ideas about how coffee works against fatigue, this effect is still the subject of much debate and conjecture.

In this study, a research sample of coffee drinkers was scanned with magnetic resonance imaging to see if coffee consumption had anything to do with increased neuronal connectivity in the brain, particularly areas associated with working memory and cognitive control.

What did the study find out about the effect of coffee on the brain?

  • Thedemonstrated effects of caffeine on cognitive performance and mood may decline with increasing caffeine tolerance
  • there was anincrease in connectivity between brain regionsafter drinking coffee , as shown in the visualisation below the article
  • MRI results of 47 study participants can be seen in resting-state images before and after coffee consumption, with interestingly reduced connectivity in brain regions known to respond to external stimuli
  • after coffee intake, a higher readiness to move from rest to work modewas discernible
  • thestudy also shows thatconnectivity in areas involved in working memory, cognitive control and goal-directed behaviour is affected by coffee, in its complex composition, and not by caffeine alone
  • Further confirmation of caffeine's effects on attention and executive functions was obtained.

The effect of caffeine on our brains. Source: www.frontiersin.org

Study: coffee and its effect on brain function

You can readthe full study inthe 17th issue of Behavioral Neuroscience or directly at this link on the Frontiers website. Without MRI images or other instruments, you can observe for yourself the magical power of coffee to energize you to perform at work.

Once again, it turns out that coffee simply belongs in the work environment. If you don't already have a company coffee machine, you might want to look around for one of these automatic coffee machines to keep your attention on work tasks. Plus, this coffee incentive will taste really great!

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