Takeaway coffee, why not


Even if the customer is just here for a quick coffee to go, give them some of your attention. A smile is a given. But also ask him how he's doing today, for example. If he's a regular customer, try to remember some basic information about him. The customer will remember that you are interested in him and will feel comfortable in your café, even if he is only there for a few minutes. Next time he may come with friends to show them his favourite café with a great atmosphere and even better coffee.


Today's world is more chaotic and fast-paced than ever before. People block ads and ignore emails by sending them straight to the spam folder. This means it's important to start focusing again and discovering all the benefits of so-called offline marketing.

Today's customer doesn't have time to watch advertising messages (in fact, they are increasingly ignoring them). But who doesn't have time to drink a delicious coffee? That would be a man against himself.

With a coffee cup, however, you can turn your customers into little ambassadors for your brand.


Create your unique logo that makes everyone recognise you. Because just carrying a cup in your hand is enough to get your brand seen by dozens of other eyes throughout the day, without even having to visit you.

They may not visit you the same day, or even the next, but your logo will gradually become ingrained in people's minds, and then when they come across your café, they'll somehow subconsciously know it and go for a coffee at your place rather than across the street at your competitor's café. And why? Because they've seen your logo somewhere. They've seen it on other people's and they'll want to try your coffee too.

With your unique cup, you can beautifully differentiate and make yourself visible from your competitorstoo . Get busy with your brand design. It will pay off.


If your cup is special, unusual and stylish, your customers will take photos and post them on their social networks. Create a social media account and share photos not only from your customers. They will love it and so will you. Because they are advertising for you. And it's completely free.

Do you need to start an Instagram, for example? Create a little competition. Just a few free coffees. The challenge could be to take a picture of your coffee in a cup in a contested location. People will write about you and share your photos with your logo. And that's what you're all about! Themore people see your logo, the more they will want to visit you. Instafriendly coffee shops are a must nowadays.

Make your cup and logo attractive enough to be worth people's photo.


Nowadays, when ecology and the environment are constantly being addressed, this topic has made its way into the café sector. More and more people are bringing their own cups that they can use again and again.

Create your own eco coffee cups with your own logo and start giving them to your customers. They will then carry your cup with them everywhere and you can get a wider awareness through this method.

Of course, it's up to you how you take on this new theme. Offer a discount, e.g. 5 CZK, to anyone who brings their own coffee cup with them. Maybe people will then prefer to get their takeaway coffee from you rather than your competitors.


The Turning Cup is the name of a relatively new project that offers coffee cups that don't end up in the bin after one use. They have created durable, stylish and practical takeaway coffee cups.

How does it work? You get in touch with the Turn the Cupproject and arrange to join one of the 360 locations across the Czech and Slovak Republic where these returnable cups work. A refundable deposit of 50 CZK/ 2 works for the cups . Customers take their coffee, tea or any other beverage in it and then return it at the same or any other place where this project works. And he doesn't need any receipt for that.


Provide full service with your coffee to go, as if the customer were sitting in your cafe.Simple accessories such as wooden stirrers, a cup wrapper so you don't burn yourself, sugar - cane and white, lids and trays for multiple cups are all on the mind . With these few extra things, you make the customer's coffee enjoyment easier and provide a purchase that is convenient and hassle-free.


There's really no big downside to not offering coffee to go. With this option, you can attract new customers who don't sit down for a coffee, but also just need to replenish their caffeine levels. You can purchase takeaway coffee cups and other coffee accessories on our shop. Give your customers the opportunity to drink a selection of coffee on their way to work.