The best technology for water filtration: the BWT

22 March marks World Water Day, which is particularly important for making coffee. How does it affect the final taste of the coffee in the shawl?

BWT presentation

BWT is an Austrian brand that has specialised in water treatment and filtration products since 1990. It develops environmentally friendly and economical products and services for water treatment.

The abbreviation BWT stands for "Best Water Technology" and describes the company's main goal, which is to improve the quality of drinking water for people around the world.

The company has four main production sites in Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland, a number of subsidiaries and affiliates and a worldwide distribution network.

BWT products: water is a mission

BWT offers a range of products for domestic, commercial and industrial use, including water filters, softeners and purification systems. Its products use advanced technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and ion exchange to remove impurities and improve the taste and quality of water.

In addition to its products, BWT also offersservices such as water analysis and consultation to help customers select the right water treatment solution for their needs.

Why is water important when making coffee?

Water makes up approximately 98% of each cup of coffee and plays a vital role in the extraction of soluble flavours. Good quality water helps achieve a balanced cup profile, while poor quality water can have a detrimental effect on the aromaand flavour of the coffee.

The taste of coffee is influenced by minerals, chemicals and other substances that are found in water. Hard water that contains high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium can make coffee taste bitter. Conversely, too soft water, that is, water with low mineral content, can make coffee taste bland.

In addition to taste, water quality also affects coffee extraction. The coffee brewing process involves the extraction of aromatics and compounds from the coffee and the quality of the water plays a vital role in this process.

World Water Day

World Water Day has been celebrated around the world on 22 March since 1993. It was declared bythe United Nations (UN) to mark the importance of water to the planet.

That's why this article is to remind the importance of water in coffee production, as it is the production of coffee that can have a significant impact on water resources. Coffee is a water-intensive crop and it is estimated that it takes approximately 140 litres of water to produce one cup of coffee.

Water that is too hot or too cold can result in over- or under-extraction of coffee, resulting in a poor quality cup of coffee.

Improving the quality of water for coffee preparation


Using filtered water can remove impurities such as chlorine and other chemicals that can affect the taste of coffee.

The BWT brand deals specifically with water filtration, which is an important step to ensure quality water for coffee brewing. Different types of filters are available.

For example,BWT filter kettles contain filter cartridges with Mg2+ that filter out limescale and substances that will not affect the taste of drinking water. Just pour tap water into the kettle.

How to determine the hardness of the water?

Water hardness refers to theamount of dissolved minerals in the water, especially calcium and magnesium. You can check the hardness of your water with a water testing kit and adjust accordingly.

How to soften water

You say to yourself that those with soft water have won? Less limescale ruining your coffee maker and water kettle, and you just need to add some minerals for a better taste. But what to do with hard water?

My grandmother's advice for softening hard water is: use ashes from the fireplace or add baking soda and wait for the sediment to settle to the bottom of the water container.

Neither option is a win. You're more likely to make some sort of magic potion with these methods than water with the ideal composition for drinking and making coffee. That's why you should take your mobile phone in hand. BWT has created an app that makes choosing the right water filtration a breeze.

Optimise your water composition with the right filtration

In the BWT app you enter the data obtained from the water test (see video above). To this you add the product and water consumption data. And voilà, you immediately know which filtration to order from us.

Once the water filtration is connected, you don't have to worry about anything. That is, except for the replacement of the filter, which has a lifetime of 1 year (or depending on the amount of water filtered). Every year, however, you only need to order the cartridge itself. You can change it in 5 minutes and have tasty water and thus tasty coffee again for a year.

Frequently asked questions

Why is water important in coffee?

Most of the coffee cup is made up of water, so water plays a vital role in the extraction of soluble flavours and the quality and composition of the water can also significantly affect the taste of ???? coffee.

How can I improve the quality of my coffee water?

One way to improve the quality of your coffee water is to use a ???? filtration system or buy bottled water with a balanced mineral content.

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