The best way to prepare coffee

Content - the best technique in terms of:

  • Popularity
  • Time
  • Ease of preparation
  • Efficiency
  • Great enjoyment

Best technique in terms of popularity

The most popular type of coffee, which is also generally regarded as the most popular among consumers, is undoubtedly the famous espresso.

Compared to other methods, espresso is the clear leader worldwide, but how do the other methods stack up? Google Trends will give us the answer:

The trends chart will give us a small idea of how other techniques are faring in search popularity. |

We can notice that for 2023, the purple line behind it performed the best:


Given its cool nature, the drink's popularity understandably rose the most during the summer season. Coffee can thus be enjoyed together with a pleasant refreshment.

As the name suggests, the principle of Cold Brew is that coarsely ground coffee is brewed in cold water.

How about Nitro Cold Brew? You can enjoy Cold Brew with a much smoother texture and a velvety foam on the surface.
Find out what's behind the drink called " Nitro Cold Brew".

The best technique in terms of time

In terms of fastest brewing and extraction, it takes the top spot:

With its lightning-fast espresso extraction of around 20-35 seconds, regardless of the equipment or the complexity of the extraction "shot", nothing compares to it in this area.

Coffee extraction with a bulky portafilter that makes two espressos at the same time |

Of the small and portable devices it will not hurt to mention:


As a suitable candidate for trips that you want to intertwine with the aroma of coffee, it will make you a drink in about four minutes - two minutes of preparation and two minutes of extraction.

See how to prepare coffee properly and,most importantly, quickly in the AeroPress.

Also worth noting are the Delter Coffee Press or Twist Pressalternatives , the differences of which you can find on our blog.

The best technique in terms of ease of preparation

If you are a beginner or just don't want a complicated preparation, I recommend you consider the following techniques:


This very well-known cooking method belongs to the "immersion" or leaching techniques, which include, for example, the aforementioned Aeropress.

The procedure is simple and is as follows:

  • pour the coarsely ground coffee beans into the French press.
  • pour in three times the weight of the ground beans and stir
  • leave the coffee for 30 seconds and then add the rest of the water
  • the coffee will brew for approximately 4minutes and after the time has elapsed you insert the plunger to press the coffee grounds down

The video will convince you of the simplicity of the preparation and extraction in the French Press:

Other simple coffee preparations include straineron a stick aka:

Acompact little thing that you won't get tired of:
  • You fill the filter basket with 15 grams of ground coffee
  • place in a mug and pour hot water over the top of the filter until it is full
  • swirl the mallet a few times and wait 4 minutes
  • take out the Brew It Stick, put it in its original container and you have a finished cup.

The best technique in terms of efficiency


This machine means only one thing - espresso.

Not only is espresso the most famous, it's almost an essential ingredient in many coffee drinks, such as lungo, double espresso known as "doppio" or the popular milk drinks like cappuccino and flat whites.

It can also be found in a dessert called "affogato", which is a scoop of ice cream topped with a single shot of espresso, in summer espresso tonic and many others. You get the point - espresso is almost everywhere.

To make proper espresso you need a good coffee machine and ideally 9 bars of pressure.

Due to their size and affordable price, Flair brand coffee makers have undoubtedly become popular machines both in the home and on the go. Preparing with this machine seems complicated at first glance, but once you get your hands on it, you'll be amazed at how simple and fun making espresso is.

Aside from the compact Flair coffee makers, you can also find articles on our blog that discuss choosing a home coffee maker or perhaps small coffee makers for the home.

But how does one prepare such espresso in a Flair coffee machine? Click on the video below to find out:


This particular method is known not only for its traditional Italian preparation, but especially for the extracted coffee, which is similar to espresso due to its consistency and taste. Find out what magic is hidden in its preparation process.

The best technique in terms of great enjoyment

The information to set out here is that different methods offilter coffee can offer you a unique taste, but as the best coffee enjoyment, don't consider it. Of course, the preference for types of coffee drinks is individual, so it is good to take this point more as a recommendation.


This technique will give you a unique coffee flavour with a delicate "tea-like" body and a light aroma.

To avoid missing out on a great coffee experience, try the technique with a V60 kit from Hario.

Another similar technique to the V60 is:


Theydiffer in design, but not in technique. The main difference between the two methods is the different filter paper - not only do you have to know how to fold it correctly with Chemex, but the paper weight is slightly higher. This isn't necessarily an advantage or disadvantage, rather it will determine your preference.

It's the higher paper weight that makes the body of the coffee a little more flavourful than the V60. Not as many oils from ground coffee beans pass through the thicker filter. Although the change plays a role there - it is subtle.

For both techniques, the principle of preparation is as follows:

  • you place the filter paper in its designated place.
  • after boiling the water in the kettle, you let the water stand for about 30 seconds
  • pour the water over the filter to avoid anyunfavourable taste of the paper.
  • pour freshly ground coffee into the filter
  • pour a certain amount of water over the coffee, depending on the size of your container or how many grams of ground coffee you have poured in
  • wait for all the liquid to boil off and serve.

Among filter coffee techniques you will also find drip coffee machines for Batch brew or the interesting Vacuum pot.

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