The first step to setting up a café

In this How to Start a Café series, we'll walk you through all the necessary bureaucratic steps, advise you on how to put together a workable business and financial plan, how to do a competitive and market analysis, and how to run the café itself.

Of course, you can't do it without theory. In this article we will explain in detail what entrepreneurship actually is, what qualities you should have as an entrepreneur and what conditions you will have to meet.

Entrepreneurship in general

Initiative and creativity, purpose, organisation and management, utility, added value, risks, continuous process. These are all essential features of entrepreneurship. It can be seen from several perspectives; economic, psychological, sociological, legal and entrepreneurial. But what does it mean?

From an economic point of view, entrepreneurship is an activity in which factors of production are transformed into outputs, thereby increasing their original value. For you as a coffee shop owner, this will most likely represent the process of making coffee and its subsequent service .

It is a long time ago when coffee was a scarce and luxury commodity. Today, almost anyone can make coffee at home. So your job is to provide added value that customers will be willing to pay extra for. In the case of a café, this added value is usually professional preparation and a selection of coffee, which we will be happy to help you choose if you wish.

Remember that at the end of this process, the value of your output should be higher than the value of your initial investment.

Thepsychological concept looks at entrepreneurship as a means of satisfying our desire to achieve something, self-actualize and stand on our own two feet.

Thesociological concept talks about the impact of entrepreneurship on the environment. You can influence your surroundings with your café more than it may seem at first glance. You are not just creating a place for people to meet, work and relax. You are also creating jobs and other opportunities that will have a real impact on the lives of everyone involved.

Last is the legal and business concept. There is no point in learning their exact definition. Rather, it is now more important for you to understand what entrepreneurship will mean for you in practice.

What will entrepreneurship mean to me in practice?

Entrepreneurship is a continuous activity that is undertaken with the vision of continuing it. So if you are the kind of person who gets excited about something easily and then loses interest after a while, we recommend that you really think things through and don't rush into making a decision.

The main goal and purpose of the whole business is to make a profit.

If you decide to go into business as a form of livelihood, it will also meanstepping out of your anonymity. You will be doing business under your own name or company name and so will your employees.

You will decide the place and time of business, organise the work, run the business and decide the profits as you see fit. You will become "your own boss", which brings various advantages as well as disadvantages.

Independent activity goes hand in hand withself-responsibility. As an entrepreneur, you cannot get rid of the risk and responsibility and liabilities that come with being an entrepreneur. Suddenly it will be you who will have to pay for your insurance, sick pay or education. Be prepared to be liable for any damage with all your assets.

What qualities should I have as a café owner?

For us, the key to success is:

  • A love of coffee and hospitality
  • A willingness to work long and hard
  • the courage to take risks
  • setting aclear goal and achieving it
  • being realistic, diligent andpatient
  • self-confidence
  • the ability to put your feelings aside

What experience do I need to run a café?

Experience, such as professional experience, can be an advantage but is certainly not a complete necessity. Common sense, a proactive approach to life, the ability to communicate with people, diligence and perseverance are much more important.

Lack of experience can be compensated for bystudy or retraining. If you feel that you can't do enough to set up and run your café on your own, go into business with a partner with whom you can inspire and complement each other.

What conditions do I have to meet if I want to start a business?

You need to meet certain conditions to run a business, such asbeing 18 years old, having legal capacity and criminal record. Some types of trade also require you to have a certain level of education and experience or to pass a professional examination. But what if you don't meet one of the above criteria?

What should I do if I do not have the professional competence to run a trade?

If you do not have the competence to carry on the trade yourself, you can carry on the trade through a responsible representative. A responsible representative is a person who will vouch for the quality of your business. It should therefore be a person with whom you trust each other. This person must also meet the general conditions of the trade and have the necessary education or experience.

What should I do if I have a criminal record?

The authorities will ask for your criminal record extract themselves. Don't despair if you already have a scratch on your record. It does not always automatically mean that you have lost your criminal record. Each case is assessed on an individual basis depending on what the offence was, whether it was committed deliberately or negligently, or whether it is related to your business or the subject matter of your business.

Don't forget to fill in the Uniform Registration Form at the Trade Licensing Office, which, in addition to declaring the start of your business, will also register you with other authorities and obligations, such as personal income tax and social and health insurance.


Being an entrepreneur is definitely not for everyone. Whileentrepreneurship brings freedom, it takes a lot of time and energy. If you want to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, it is important to take a realistic look at the world around you and assess your abilities and character traits. Various personality tests and other methods such as SWOT analysiscan help you do this.

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