The land of fine coffee: where the world's best coffee is grown

How coffee grows

More than one lifelong coffee lover was surprised when I told them where coffee beans come from. Everyone knows that divine drink - coffee. And of course, it's made from ground brown beans. Some coffee makers also know that before roasting, the beans were light and are calledgreen coffee. Few insiders know the path of the coffee before it arrives at the roastery.

Green unroasted coffee is the beans of the fruit of the coffee tree. These berries are most often deep red and remind us of the better known cherries. That is why they are called coffee cherries. The knowledge that coffee is the 'stone' of the cherry then explains the typical sweet and sour fruity notes you can detect in the drink.

The nature of coffee as a seed can then develop nutty, chocolate or cocoa flavours through roasting. The fruit sugars from the coffee cherry can eventually conjure up flavours of molasses, honey or even caramel. The development of specific flavours depends on many factors, including the 'terroir' or characteristics of the coffee-growingarea.

Where the coffee tree is grown

Coffee trees or bushes (depending on the variety) need stable temperatures of around 20 degreesto grow . They like humidity and produce their best flavours when they ripen slowly, under the canopy of taller trees such as banana trees. The first flowers of the young arabica coffee tree appear after 3 to 5 years. They resemble jasmine blossoms and about 6 months after pollination, a green cherry forms in their place , which graduallyripens to red, sometimes yellow or orange.

Theconditions for good growth of coffee trees are met inthe countries of the so-called coffee belt. It is bounded by the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. Only in the higher altitudes of these areas do the best quality coffees thrive. First-class coffees score above 80 points on the quality control and tasting scale, and are called'choice coffees'.

The world's top coffee producers are countries in the tropics in the so-called coffee belt.

Where is the best quality coffee grown?

Inorder to achieve high quality coffee, it is important, in addition to suitable growing conditions, to harvest and processthe coffee well and in good time . Everyone who drinks fine coffee is helping to meet the demand for this quality coffee. This increases the incentive for coffee growers to produce the best coffees for which they are adequately paid in afair trade or direct trade sense .

It is a pleasure to see more and more of these high quality coffee plantations, processing stations and organisations supporting the cultivation of high quality coffee. And which countries are involved in the cultivation of choice coffee? I have some tips for you on the places of origin of coffees that you should definitely try.

Selective coffee means coffee of the highest quality that has been cared for from the time it is planted, through harvesting and processing, to the moment it reaches you. In Rwanda, for example, women carefully hand-pick the drying beans to ensure that only the finest quality beans reach you.

Selected coffee from Africa

Where it all began. The place where man first met the coffee tree is the heart of Africa - Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffee was also trusted by Agnieszka Rojewska, Polish barista and winner of theWorld Barista Championship 2018. A total of 30 coffees with a score of over 87 points were awarded the Cup of Excellence in Ethiopia for 2020. Above all, coffees from the traditional coffee-growing region of Sidamo and also coffees from the Guji region placed well.

Among the traditionally sought-after selections are coffees from Kenya. These have won over their fans above all with their clean and bright taste and consistently high quality. However, I would like to highlight its neighbour, Rwanda, as an interesting coffee producer . A country known for its tragic history, it usually boasts highly rated Bourbon coffees.

Bourbon Arabica coffee thrives in another African country, Burundi. Among the 30 coffees scoring above 87 points in the Cup of Excellence, growers from the Ngoza and Kayanza regions were particularly prominent. The coffees are mostly washed.

Selected American coffees

Geisha or Gesha coffee, especially that from Panama, is regarded as the queen of coffee in the coffee world. And the price for a packet of this coffee is also royal. But I would like to point out that it is not only Panama that grows great Gesha. Colombia's Geisha scored a great result in the 2021 Cup of Excellence. As far as the major growing areas of Colombia are concerned, the coffee is doing well specifically in the Nariño and Huila regions.

There are excellent selections of coffee in almost every country in the coffee belt that crosses South and Central America. Examples include Peru, Costa Rica and the coffee giant Brazil. El Salvador also grows Gesha coffee, and despite its reputation, the Pacamara variety from the Chalatenango region scored even higher - 91.68 points - in the Cup of Excellence 2021.

Itmay surprise you to learn that Mexico has recentlybeen ranked among the world's top coffee growers . The country already produces excellent selections of classic varieties such as Typica, Caturra and Bourbon. And also the 91.58-point Gesha from the Chiapas region.

Other coffee-growing countries

In listing the countries that grow fine coffees, I must not forget to mention those from which we can expect interesting and high-quality coffees in the future. We have already tasted some great 'swallows', for example coffee from Indonesia, specifically Papua New Guinea. Or also from a country that is particularly well known for growing first-class tea, China.

The best coffee in the world

Choosing the best coffee in the world seems like an impossible task. Because in terms of taste in general, every coffee drinker has their own personal preferences. As mentioned a few paragraphs above, the best coffee in the world is generally considered to beGeisha from Panama.

Anyway, I will mention one more coffee that is regarded worldwide as at least exceptional. This is the famous "Bond" coffee or Jamaica Blue Mountain. Certified coffee from the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica has developed a reputation as a unique coffee with a mild taste without bitterness. Most of this coffee goes to Japan where it is very popular. In addition to its popularity, it is also considered themost expensive coffee in the world.

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