The Nuova Simonelli brand story

The company Nuova Simonelli was founded back in 1936 in Italy. Thanks to years of experience and adherence to tradition, is one of thebest manufacturers of espresso machines andother equipment.

Nowadays, the company produces a significant number of products for the coffee sector. The main products are the aforementioned coffee machines, which are suitable for both home and professional use.

Nuova Simonelli can satisfy the requirements of even themost demanding customers. Integral to this great work is also investment in new technology, training, innovation and design.

The Nuova Simonelli brand story


This year is the eponymous name forOrlando Simonelli's first coffee machine. Pressure-based water supply, electric heating, these were the elements of the first vertical coffee machine, which in its time represented a novelty for the market and became a pioneer for a new way of developing coffee machines.


"Selene" is the name of another coffee machine that the company is proud of. The incorporation of a hydraulic pump allowed for continuous water dispensing which was another breakthrough among coffee makers.


The "Eureka" coffee machine arrives, a surprising design, two five-litre boilers, these were the modern features of this machine


After agreeing on ownership changes, Simonelli switches to the final company name, which is still used today "Nuova Simonelli".


"Elli" is the model that helped penetration into homes. The coffee maker could whip milk with a steam nozzle which was then a superior feature for home coffee making.


The first incorporation of electrical components in a coffee machine, this involved the "ISX" coffee machine. It was also produced in an automatic version with a volumetric water dispenser.

Nuova Simonelli ISX


The first professional automatic coffee machine "Logica". The advertising at the time targeted the machine's intelligence, whereby at the push of a button the machine would do the next job for you, thus linking its name with intelligence.


The "Program" coffee machine included a counter so that beverage dispensing statistics could become part of the operation.


Nuova Simonelli becomes a worldwide brand and its extension heads to the US.


This year marks the birth of the famous home coffee maker Oscar. It has quality workmanship with good technical results. Until today Nuova Simonelli offers it in an improved version.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar. Image source:


The Host Fair in Milan, Italy is an important part of history. Here, Nuova Simonelli showcased the first two prototypes of its iconic Microbar and Aurelia coffee machines.


In this year, the Aurelia becomes the best model in the range. It has many improvements that bring it to the fore, such as the materials used, the composition of the different parts designed, the automatic cleaning.


Nuova Simonelli presents the "Appia" model. Appia was developed based on the experience of Aurelia and is designed for smaller operations looking for a more affordable coffee machine with great performance.


First year of connection Barista World Championship and the Nuova Simonelli brand. Baristas prepare coffee on the originally designed Aurelia.

Nuova Simonelli coffee machine at the 2014 World Barista Championship. Image source:


Another milestone of the HOST fair in Milan. Here the Mythos One grinder and its great results in grinding coffee were presented for the first time.


The "Aurelia Wave" tries to underline the appeal of ecology, control options, the connection with digitalization and the T3 technology with Pulse-Purge.


Comes Appia Life, which specializes in energy saving and better control.