The Secret of Geisha Coffee. What makes the Gesha variety so interesting.

Like champagne with wine, Geisha (Gesha) coffee is a sign of luxury for coffee lovers. Why does this coffee taste so perfect? Discover now the secrets of the world's most prestigious coffee beans.

Geisha - a world rarity among coffees

The highest rung on the ladder of excellence among coffees belongs to the Geisha variety. It belongs to the Arabica coffee family. You can find Geisha coffeefrom Panama, but also from other growing places in Latin America and Africa. In terms of its uniqueness, the main factors that play a role in this coffee are the difficulty of cultivation and the extremely high quality potential. This combination makes Geisha a coffee rarity. In terms of taste and price.

If you want to get to know the best and most expensive coffees in the world, you will find plenty of tips on the internet. For example, cappuccino decorated with gold or coffees "processed" by certain animals like civet coffee. If you want a coffee with such a delicate yet natural taste, as if God himself grew it in his garden, then look into Geisha coffee.

Geisha coffee beans as a top rated coffee

This coffee wins year after year of the most prestigious competitions like Cup of Excelllence (CoE). The coffees that arerated the best at are sold at much higher prices than others. Baristas from all over the world are no doubt interested in them. You can guess which coffee Boram Um, the winner of the World Barista Championship 2023, competed with. Yes, it was Geisha. ????

In first place CoE Brazil 2023 (here they even have winners in 3 categories by coffee processing - experimental, natural washed) was the Anaerobically Fermented Geisha with a cupping score of 91.32, Naturally Processed Geisha - c.s. 91.38 and washed Geisha with 92.15 pts. This coffee variety won with cupping scores always above 90 pts. also in other countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and others.

The best Gesha, like ours, comes in 1kg packs. Vacuum packed. And roasted in very small batches.

What does Geisha coffee taste like?

I believe I've enticed you enough about this coffee, so now you're more than curious to see what Geisha tastes like. It smells wonderfully floral, most reminiscent of jasmine. This aroma then makes its way into the flavour profile. Often you can detect notes ofsweet honey and ripe fruit, often cherry or orange, but also chocolate and black tea. The specific flavour profile varies according to the growing method and location, but also according to the climatic conditions.

Gesha coffee from Africa

It is common that the name of the variety can be both Geisha and Gesha. The origin of the coffee plant is of course the coffee cradle or Africa. Specifically the area around Mount Gesha in western Ethiopia.

Also today, these are the exact places where Gesha coffee trees are grown. The original coffee variety was planted here by Gesha Village. In 11 years they have created a 471 hectare area planted with Gesha 1931 and Gori Gesha coffee trees. This work is mainly due to Rachel Samuel and Willem Boot.

The coffee trees of the Gesha 1931 variety were grown from seeds collected in the vicinity of the current farm and therefore also where Gesha was discovered in the 1930s. Gori Gesha is a variety that replicates the genetic diversity of the Gori Gesha coffee forest. These seeds were harvested in 2011 and now account for about half of the farm's production. To a lesser extent, they are still growing a cultivar from the Ethiopian Research Center, which is based on seeds collected from the Illubabor coffee forest.

Geisha from Panama and Latin America

Although it originates from Ethiopia, you will more than often hear the phrase: Panamanian Geisha. In Panama, they have taken a very responsible approach to the cultivation of the Gesha variety, or here as Geisha. They have focused their coffee production primarily on this variety and are constantly improving their Geisha growing techniques.

This is why Geisha from Panama is one of the most luxurious coffees in the world and therefore the most expensive. Geisha cultivation has spread from here to other countries in the Americas, to Mexico and Colombia. Growing quality Geisha is very difficult. It is susceptible to pests and the yields of these coffee trees are not very high. However, the quality and flavour potential of this coffee is well worth it.

Price of Geisha coffee

Due to the difficulty of cultivation, some farmers will only take a small piece of their farm for this variety. Just a few trees, to which they give the specific care that Geisha needs. Such coffees can achieve phenomenal results in taste and quality. Cupping scores can be well over 90 points. Highly rated coffees, usually also CoE competition winning coffees, reach up to$2,000 per kilogram at auctions, for example .

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