Tim Wendelboe and his roastery


What makesthis coffee roastery so unique is its founder , Tim Wendelboe. If I were to count his awards from competitions like the Nordic Roaster Championship, Norwegian Barista Championship, World Barista Championship and several others, I'd be here for a long time.

Tim also summarizes his knowledge, experience and expertise in his two books. The first, Coffee with Tim Wendelboe, covers coffee basics such as its production and preparation. His second book, Finca Tamana, focuses on a farm in Colombia. Source: cargocollective.com


Tim applies his more than 20 years of knowledge and experience wherever he can. In addition, a few years ago a Norwegian coffee accessories company teamed up with him. Specifically, he was involved in the development of theWilfa Svart Uniformelectric home grinder . TheWilfa Svart Precision WSP-2A home drip coffee machine was also developed in a joint collaboration .


If Tim Wendelboe Roasters cares about anything when it comes to coffee selection, it istransparency. They form close relationships with the farmers they buy coffee from, so they can push the quality of the coffee together. The close relationships ensure that the coffees they buy are harvested and processed according to their strict protocols. Maintaining good relationships then also has a positive impact on the social and environmental aspects of the coffee's place of origin.

In addition, they publish information on their website each year about who they pay how much money to and why. This helps spread awareness of why farmers deserve to be paid, as some roasters already are. You can also find detailed information about all 6 farms they buy coffee from. They have been working with some of them since 2009. These farms are fromEthiopia, Honduras, Colombia, El Salvador and Kenya. The Colombian one is also his. He tries to grow coffee without agricultural chemicals and mineral fertilisers.


Thebeans at Tim Wendelboe are roasted on a thirty-five pound American Loringroaster , which was preceded by a German Probat roaster . They roast coffee to order every day. They deliver directly to customers, restaurants and cafes around the world. What the roastery is known for is its light roast profile, but even this was not the case in the early days of the roastery and the coffees were roasted darker.

Their secret is not only in the selection of beans, which is taken care of directly by Tim Wendelboe, the quality roasting. The control of the coffee is also important. The aim of roasting is to present coffees with a distinctive character of its origin and variety.


You can also taste the coffee from Tim Wendelboe's roastery directly at his espresso bar in Oslo, which is frequented by locals and people from all over the world. The café is also a small showroom for all of Tim's trophies and current coffee offerings from the roastery. Customers can try making their own coffee or sample multiple coffees at once. The cafe's menu is modest and changes based on the season.

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