Tips for the best coffee gifts! What do the coffee lovers in your family want under the tree?

From the comfort of your own home, you can ensure that all the coffee lovers in your area get the true joy of Christmas gift giving. Don't just buy the trinkets, give an original gift for the coffee drinker. I have a "coffee gift book" for you, aka tips for practical, stylish and above all coffee gifts for the whole coffee-loving family.

Gift tips for grandparents

Finding the right one under the tree for grandma or grandpa doesn't have to be complicated. If your grandparents enjoy a good cup of coffee, give them the finest quality beans! That means roasting a selection of coffee with care.

A coffee pot as a gift for grandma

Your grandmother is certainly a woman who will appreciate a quality and practical kitchen helper. That means a coffee pot made of premium materials, in a nice design and with multiple uses. So how do you make coffee and tea simply yet correctly? With the French Press method of making coffee.

Choose between the original Timemore French Presses with double filter for a cleaner cup of coffee. Or create a coffee set from the elegant Barista&CoFrench Press and the Baratza Encoreelectric grinder for convenient grinding .

???? Did you know you can also make whipped milk with the French Press?

Get inspired by our guide to making a homemade cappuccino without a coffee machine.

A smart coffee gift for grandpa? Just a clever little

In the age of smartphones and smart TVs, there is a method of makingcoffee in the coffee world that isalso smart and yet completely manual. No electronics. With an original yet easy way to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. Get Grandpa a Clever Dripper!

Along with this great coffee-making invention, include this absolutely simple Clever Dripper coffee recipe with your gift:

    1. Insert a paper filter into the smartripper, heat the water to 94 °C.
    2. pour 300 ml of hot water into the dripper and add 20 g of coarsely ground coffee
    3. stir and after 5 minutes place the dripper on the mug

Prepare a smart coffee setfor your grandfather ! Pack him not only a Clever Dripper, a pack of paper filters, but also a quality hand grinder under the tree . Timemore makes the best grinders at a great price , so check them out.

Making great coffee is simple yet smart. Tasty coffee made from freshly ground beans ready in five minutes. For grandfathers who like good coffee.

???? Want to know more about the smart coffee maker?

See how coffeeis made in the Clever Dripper.

Coffee maker as a gift for parents

Who doesn't love lunches at their parents' house. When Mom roasts, it's Sunday as usual. Anyway, after a family lunch, there's also a cup of coffee. For these and similar moments, it's handy to have an automatic coffee machinein the kitchen. One that grinds the coffee freshly and can also make hot whipped milk for anyone who can't resist a cup of cappuccino.

Let mom relax after a morning of brewing and let dad show off his barista skills. He'll enjoy making coffee with the handy Nivonahome coffee maker. The coffee machine is easy to interact with, for example via an app on your mobile phone. This makes it easy to set up your own coffee recipes, for example.

The automatic coffee machine also fits into your "corporate family"!

Do you have a company and a staff of coffee makers? Get them anautomatic coffee machine for the office. You have a Christmas gift, an employee benefit and a tax-deductible item all in one.

Gift tip for mom

I don't know a woman who can do without a quality coffee mug. That's why my coffee gift tip for moms is the unique Aoomi coffee cups. They have a variety of sizes from espresso cups to latte cups and that beautiful design! I think they'll be a guaranteed delight around the Christmas tree.

Oh, and if your mom takes her coffee to go often, you can treat her to the comfort of drinking coffee on the go. She will no longer have to sip from a disposable cup, but from Loveramics quality porcelain. Just choose the colour of the travel coffee mug.

Gift tip for dad

Every hardworking man needs a cup of coffee to go with his cup of coffee. Give Dad an automatic drip coffee maker, for a full mug of great coffee whenever he feels like it. To make sure he really enjoys his coffee, choose from a proven drip coffee machine. Specifically, I'm thinking ofa Wilfa brand drip coffee maker or a cultured Moccamaster. Both are certified by SCA (specialty coffee association) and ECBC (european coffee brewing centre).

For a truly perfect coffee gift, remember that coffeeis only ever at its best when freshly ground. So create the perfect coffee set for your home automatic decoction machine. Be sure to add a set of paper filters and a Wilfa Swart compact electric grinder to your coffee machine .

Gifts for women who drink coffee in style

Drinking coffee in style starts with preparation. That means a coffee machine with a glamorous design. In this respect, I have a clear favourite. There's no other coffee brewing method like them than the unique Chemex. Amanual drip coffee maker in a timeless design. And it's not just my subjective opinion since it's on permanent display at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York).

Anyway, what's great about the Chemex is its versatility of use. The main purpose for which it was created is tomake the perfect filter coffee. But that's not the end of its capabilities. Because borosilicate glass is easy to wash and doesn't take on flavours, you can just as easily make great tea in the Chemex or use it as a serving carafe for water or lemonade.

Make your wife or sister a beautiful yet oh-so-practical coffee gift. And how to build the perfect coffee set with Chemex? Open our online shop and add these great products to your cart. It will come in handy:

  1. Chemex small or large
  2. Chemex filters in paper, metal or cloth
  3. Hand grinder and kettle for example, both in stylish white from Timemore
  4. A cool thermo mug that doesn't leak. Check out Frank Green or Asobu
  5. Great coffee and organic teas made from Welsh herbs

Women have a sense of beauty and great taste. They can make the best coffee in a coffee machine with the perfect design. Complete the Chemex gift set with, for example, Timemore coffee accessories, a fabric filter or a Frank Green thermo mug.

Men's gifts for coffee drinkers

What to choose - for your husband, brother or adult son who loves coffee - for the tree? I'm absolutely clear on this and I recommend theFlair Espresso Maker, a wonderful home espresso tool. I say homemade, but with the right preparation, you can hardly tell it apart from a café espresso machine. The main difference is in the preparation without electricity, i.e. on "manual drive".

This means that the speed of espresso preparation can't be compared to a pro coffee maker, on the other hand it doesn't take any longer (nor is it much more laborious) than coffee from a Moka pot. But it 's thehand preparation and industrial look of the that has won the heart of every espresso lover, especially among men. The real beauty, however, is the innovative Flair 58 with or without the electric preheating head of the coffee maker, but in both versions with a pro 58 mm portafilter and wooden elements.

???? Already have your Flair Espresso grinder at home?

Check out our gift tips forFlair owners!

Gift coffee for the kids? How about a Spa Tea!

Finally, I have one more Christmas gift tip for kids in my pocket. I don't mean toddlers specifically, although in this case I would at least find a great decaffeinated coffeein our range for their mums . This has been decaffeinated naturally using sugar cane, so you don't have to worry about the inconvenience of decaffeination from artificial chemicals.

For school kids and students, I can offer cool Frank Green thermoses with straws. They hold a litre of drink, so hot tea will keep your little ones warm even on a long winter walk or ski trip. Oh, and you might love theneon colours as much as they do and buy one thermos bottle for yourself too .

What kind of tea to make in a thermos? I think our loose-leaf organic herbal tea Smiles is the obvious choice. If you want to make your kids' snack perfect, pack a thermos of tea with baked oatmeal cookies and a piece of milk chocolate. Let them have enough energy for a whole winter afternoon. Maybe chocolate with raspberries! Or the hazelnut one?

Here at Green Plantation, you'll find something for the younger members of the coffee family too. Great thermoses with Frank Green straws or something good like oatmeal cookies, chocolate, tea or decaf coffee.

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