Travel the world with a flair coffee machine!

A manual coffee machine for real espresso

When the love of coffee and experience in technology and materials combine, something amazing is created. That's exactly how theFlaircoffee machine was created .

Brazilian-born inventor Sergio Landau has put his years of knowledge gained during his career as a biomedical engineer to good use. He has built a coffee maker that can be broken downinto its components andpacked into a case.

Itis alsoaffordable, easy to use. It has a sleek design, and most importantly, it makes the perfect espresso.

Making espresso manually with the Flair

TheFlaircoffee maker has one goal. To make espresso. It has no electronic gadgets that control the coffee preparation. He simply prepares it in the simplest form.

That's why its operation is simple. In essence, it consists of a few basic steps.

Pour in the ground coffee, tamp, pour in the water and now comes the beauty part, pressing the lever. At this point, the coffee starts flowing into the cup. Themagic of extraction is literally in our hands.

"We believe that happiness comes from enjoying the best things in life, like a hug, a sunset or the perfect cup of espresso."

This idea is the mantra of Flair coffee makers. They refer to theimportance of not just the result, but theprocess itself. A coffee maker doesn't make a multitude of different coffee drinks at the push of a button, it simply makes espresso. Thefun and experience is just the way of making coffee, where you create this espresso by your own power.


Flair is designed for home baristas who approach the business as a craft. This coffee machine is also a favourite with professionals. Although Flair is not a coffee machine suitable for café use, professionals find the slower and slightly longer preparation time an enjoyable experience.

It is a contrast to the hustle and bustle behind the bar in a busy café, where speed of service with constant high quality is the main priority. When the barista of such a café is free to prepare his coffee, he does it for his own pleasure. Making espresso in a Flair coffee machine is just such a pastime.

Flair Classic Espresso Maker
Flair Signature Espresso Maker
Flair Pro 2 Espresso Maker


Amachine for making manual espresso. It is without electronics, so everything has to be done by you - manually. But the result is real espresso. The basis for the extraction of each espresso is the right finely ground coffee and hot water in a certain ratio according to your recipe. And pressure.

A proper espresso is made at 9 bar. The design of the flair is based on the need tocreate and maintain this pressure when extracting . Its lever is designed so that the force exerted on its end is multiplied by nine in the head of the machine. Thanks to this ingenious technical solution, it is possible to prepare coffee by hand that meets the requirements of a proper espresso.


Flair is a gadget thatextracts coffee into hot water using manually created pressure. To make espresso in Flair, in addition to this machine, you will need roasted coffee, hot water and your favorite mug.

Grindyour coffee finely and weigh the amount you need according to your chosen recipe . Pour this amount of coffee into the portafilter. For this step, Flair has a special tool in the equipment to pour the coffee evenly. Tamp the coffee and insert the portafilter into the machine. Put on the brewing head, which you have pre-heated in hot water for temperature stability. Pour hot water into the brew head . A temperature ofaround 92°C is used when making espresso .

Now all you have to do is use your own hand and push the lever of the machine to create the desired pressure and "squeeze" the perfect espresso into your cup. We recommend heating your coffee cups with hot water so that the coffee retains its heat and therefore its taste a little longer.


Flair is a dream come true for all "flying" baristas. You travel and you enjoy coffee. But with a classic coffee machine, apart from its price, it's not exactly easy or practical to travel the world. Its weight, volume and the need to connect to electricity limit you to enjoying espresso only at home.

Don't let it limit you! Get a Flair and enjoy a self-made espresso on the peaks of the Alps. You can break it down into several parts, making it perfectly portable. Its American manufacturers have even made it a beautiful carrying case specifically for storing this coffee machine.


The simplicity and minimalism of the design of this coffee machine does not exclude modifications to suit the needs of its user. That is why Flair is produced infour versions. All models are based on the original solid aluminium components.

TheClassic andSignature models come with a smaller brewing head. Flair PRO 2 has a larger cooking head. At the same time, this most expensive model includes other improvements such as a pressure gauge for pressure control or a silicone grip on the end of the lever. ThePRO 2 is designed for really precise espresso preparation. TheClassic model, on the other hand ,won't even cost you 5 grand, yet it has everything you need to make espresso.

Themiddle way, whether in terms of price or equipment, is the Signaturemodel . This attracts attention with its sophisticated yet simple design, which the manufacturers have repeated on the top-of-the-range PRO 2 coffee machine, and the Signature models also have a bottomless portafilter.

The latest addition is the NEO model. A new top of the range is also in the pipeline.

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