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Why start with Nitro Cold Brew

If you're looking for a fancy coffee to liven up your cafe, you can't go wrong with Nitro Cold Brew ! This coffee trend is taking the coffee world by storm and guarantees a delicious cup of coffee.

Is Nitro Cold Brew better than regular coffee?

  • Does it havea better less bitter taste and aroma
  • its texture is denser and creamier than regular coffee
  • contains more caffeine - some companies claim that Nitro coffee contains up to 30% more caffeine than regular coffee
  • is sweeter, so it doesn't require additional sugar
  • lower temperature preparation means it contains less acid, so it won't irritate your stomach
  • is healthier - Nitro coffee contains fewer calories than regular coffee
  • The Nitro Cold Brew faucet also offers other uses than just brewing coffee
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An investment that pays off

It is serving with the nitrogen from the faucet that makes the drink somewhat costly. However, it is a worthwhile investment as it will definitely pay you back in the future.

Just watching the tiny bubbles rising up the glass as the drink settles makes for a pretty sight. Not only does the drink look nice, but it is also perceived as more valuable because of it, allowing cafes to charge ahigher price for nitro coffee .

Another advantage is the stainless steel airtight bottle, which ensures that the drink doesn't spoil as quickly as the traditional method and will last longer fresh. This means you can prepare your drink in advance and then just serve it quickly.

A must-try drink for every cold coffee lover

Nitro Cold Brew is similar to regular Cold Brew, but infused with nitrogen gas. The nitrogen gives it a unique, sweeter taste and creamy mouthfeel.

Where did Nitro Cold Brew come from?

At first glance, the idea ofadding nitrogen to coffee may seem surprising. However, it is nothing new.

Similar to other drinks such as sparkling water or lemonade, Nitro coffee is infused with small bubbles of gas that change the mouthfeel and add a twist to the drink.

But while these drinks are made with carbon dioxide, Nitro Cold Brew is infused with nitrogen. It took the idea of adding nitrogen to its production from beer production. Hence its frothy texture and smooth mouthfeel, often reminiscent of beer.

Nitro Cold Brew is said to have appeared in 2012 and hit the shelves in cans in 2014. Since then the popularity of this drink has skyrocketed, and we would find it in every coffee shop.

How does Nitro coffee taste?

Nitrogen gives the coffee extra strength, a silky smooth taste and a creamy consistency that is hard to describe but unforgettable once you experience it for yourself.

How to make a good Nitro Cold Brew

The key to brewing a proper cup of Nitro is select coffee and professional brewing equipment designed to brew Nitro Cold Brew.

First, the coffee needs to be properly ground and then macerated in cold water for 20 hours. After the long hours of rest, the coffee isfiltered three times and finally put in the cold, where it becomes saturated with nitrogen.

The last step is tapped through a special tap, which produces the right Nitra Cold Brew effect.

Nitro Cold Brew with NAIKO tapping equipment

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