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Imagine you're a barista who's grown a third arm. What to do with it? How about letting it whip milk all day long and finally devote your full attention to your guests, coffee or latte art? Your new third hand is here - Übermilk.

How the Übermilk automatic milk frother works

Übermilk is an automatic milk frother for milky coffee drinks that increases efficiency and reduces waste in busy coffee shops.

It works with absolute simplicity. You put the jug in, press the desired program on the touchscreen and before you count to 7, you have perfectly whipped milk at the ideal temperature in the jug.

And speaking of temperature - it is, of course, programmable with Übermilk. Its maximum value here is68 °C, which is of course more than sufficient for our purpose.

In addition to whipping milk foam, you can also use the Übermilk to dispense cold milk for iced caffè lattes, for example.

TheÜbermilk fits well into any workspace. At just 18 cm wide , it takes up a real minimum of space next to your coffee machine . It has a stylish and timeless design and comes to market in3 colours - black, white and stainless steel.

Place the milk container in the fridge and Übermilk will only use the amount of milk youcurrently need. This keeps wastage to a real minimum. This makes your café operation one stepgreener andmore economical.

Übermilk alsooffers its own fridge suitable for use with a frother. It can hold up to 7 litres of milk and its advantages are high performance, compactness and especially thegrommets for the milk hose on the left and right side.

Who is Übermilk suitable for?

TheÜbermilk automatic milk frother is suited to establishments with ahigh production of milky coffee beverages.

If you run a café with a capacity ofupwards of a dozen seats andyou know the days when, despite the best efforts of your baristas, you can't manage to serve your guests, who have to wait long minutes for a cappuccino or caffè latte, Übermilk is for you.

It can produce up to 250 batches of perfectly whipped milk in one hour. That should take the pressure off even the busiest of operations.

With Übermilk, your baristas won't be stressed, they'll be able to focus more on customers, coffee preparation or tending to the work area.

Übermilk is committed to supplying you with a new working machine in the event of any breakdown of your frother until resolved.

Main advantages of the Übermilk frother

  • Perfectly velvety microfoam
  • always the same foamconsistency
  • suitable for latte art
  • speed (up to250 drinks per hour)
  • saves time
  • easy to use
  • zero milkloss
  • programmable milk volume
  • does not take up much space

Übermilk: hygiene and maintenance

Because milk is a perishable food, everything it comes into contact with during a shift must betaken care of.

At Übermilk, cleaning is an almost fully automated process. The entire machine cleans itself virtually by itself after entering the appropriate command on the touchscreen. The program needs to be run daily. Not only because of the possible non-recognition of the warranty in case of failure, but especially for the health of your customers.

The container from which Übermilk draws the milk must be cared for in the same way. Of course, again, daily.

Übermilk also supplies suitable cleaning productsfor its machine . If you buy an Übermilk frother you get them for the first six months free.

Cleaning the Übermilk frother

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