Vacuum Pot: home coffee preparation in Syphon

How to Vacuum pot: preparing coffee that impresses

Has the Vacuum Pot lured you to its unconventional beauty and your curiosity as a coffee lover? Give this specific home coffee preparation a chance and don't be fooled by preconceived ideas about the complexity of the preparation. Although it looks like a complicated spell, filtering coffee in a Vacuum Pot is quite easy.

Video-tutorial for coffee in the Vacuum pot

Recipe for Syphon Coffee

First, I'll clarify the terminology. Most commonly this method is called Vacuum pot or Vac-pot, but also Syphon coffee or simply Syphon. All the names are based on the technology used to make coffee in this machine.

A vacuum is created in the bottom pot when it is heated. Hence the Vacuum pot. Applying a certain pressure to the water means, along with its natural comradeship, that water can also flow upwards - the siphon principle. And now we move into practice.

Get ready:

Vacuum pot

home coffee grinder

roasted coffee beans

quality water

barista scales with timer

matches or lighter and alcohol for the burner

Faster brewing? Use water from the kettle.

To speed up the heating of the water in the Vacu Pot and also to make it convenient to pour into the bottom flask, I recommend using a gooseneck kettle and preheating the water in it.

The procedure for making coffee in the Vacuum pot

  1. Prepare your burner: pour the ethanol into the container and insert the cotton wick stopper.
  2. Put preheated water in the kettle (you can skip it, but it will speed up the heating in the Vacu-pot).
  3. You can weigh the amount of water by standing the Vacu-pot on a scale. Or use the crease on the bottom of the Hario Syphon Coffee flask, where 2cups is about 200 ml of beverage.
  4. Weigh your coffee accordingly and allow for 10 g of coffee beans per 100 ml cup, or 120 ml of water before brewing.

*You can adjust the ratio of coffee and water according to taste. For example: 16 g of ground coffee per 2 cups if you would like the coffee weaker.

Recipe for Vacuum Pot:
Pour water into the bottom flask.Place a filter in the top of the Vacuum Pot and secure the spring with a hook from the bottom of the glass tube of the container.Insert the top part of the coffee pot prepared in this waywithout sealing into the bottom part.

Once the heated water is close to boiling, seal the bottom of the top. Watch as the water rises to the top. Stir to create a vortex in the top, pour in the groundcoffee, turn on the stopwatch,stir again .

After 1:30 min remove the burner. In a moment the water, or now coffee, will flow into the bottom flask. Remove the upper container with the filter and the remaining log. You can pour the coffeedirectly from the lower flask into cups or transfer it into your serving pot.

20 g roasted coffee
240 ml coffee water (ideally filtered)
medium coarse setting the coarseness of the grind of the coffee on the grinder
approx. 6 minutes coffee brewing time

What does filtered coffee taste like when prepared this way?

The Vacuum Pot method is one of the methods of brewing coffee. That is, extraction based on full immersion of the coffee in hot water for a certain period of time. Among the most famous representatives of extraction by leaching is reported French Press. Also AeroPress, but using a reverse preparation technique.

Coffee that has been extracted by leaching has a higher chance of a fuller and more complex flavor profile. Unlike the French Press method, coffeefrom a Vacuum pot iscleaner, with no visible logra or haze particles. This is due to the fine cotton filter or even less permeable paper filters.

Which coffee beans belong in the Vacuum pot?

This coffee machine catches the eye both in appearance and in its ability to handle both espresso and filter roasting. So you can choose from our wide range of coffees for your Vacuum Pot.

Higher brewing temperatures when heated over the flame record the use of coffee suitable for espresso.

But don't be afraid to sample finer roast filter coffees as well. Just play around with the grind a bit. How?

Prepare your coffee and taste it.

  1. Does it taste weak and sour without bitterness?
    - Grind it finer next time
  2. Tastes bitter and without sweetness?
    - Grind the coffee coarser next time

You can also adjust the strength of the coffee in the cup by reducing or adding beans. That is, by changing the weight of the coffee for brewing, leaving the same amount of water per cup.

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