Coffee thermos test. The best thermo mug that doesn't leak?

Travel coffee mugs or the "must have" of every coffee lover!

Two reasons to keep your own thermo mug in your car, backpack or handbag: responsibility and comfort. I think these values are inherent in every lover of quality coffee. After all, you don' t justwant to drink your coffee, you want to enjoy it. Maybe even while driving your car or sipping your coffee while walking to work. A paper cup doesn't bring much comfort in this respect.

You know, the cup with hot coffee burns your hand, the lid doesn't hold and when it does, it definitely doesn't leak. Not to mention the paper aftertaste that spoils the pleasure of great coffee. In the end, the empty cup ends up in the mixed waste because you don't have time to look for paper and plastic containers. And you may already know that sorting out the plastic lid and paper cup doesn't help the environment either. How about starting your day with a responsible approach to the environment with your own thermal cup?

The best thermos for your car, your hand and your bag

So, are you in the fight against paper cups and for better quality coffee on the go? You don't need to organise any protest actions, just get your own thermos or reusable cup and carry it with you. Keep it in your handbag, pack it in your backpack, carry it in your car. It's all about habit. Well, it's also aboutchoosing the best travel coffee mug for youin the beginning .

Buying it and carrying it around with you is a task for you. But I can give you advice on how to choose one. In the range of thermal mugs in our e-shop, you will find thebest cups, mugs, thermoses for coffee that we have come across in the world. I believe that you will definitely like one of them. Appearance is more or less a matter of opinion. I tested their functionality with my colleagues and here are the results.

A quality thermos keeps coffee warm

In the first test, we assessed the insulating capabilities of the thermal cups. It's the first question every customer who chooses their travel mug asks. How long does the coffee stay warm? To get the most accurate data, we set out to test it for two hours. We continuously measured and recorded the temperature of the hot water in the cups.

Need a thermo mug or coffee cup?

Our test shows a cleardifference between cups and thermoses. The cooling is pronounced in those travel mugs that do not have an elaborate insulation layer. They are simplyreusable cups and their purpose is to provide a comfortable experience when drinking coffee on the road. They are an eco-friendly alternative to paper cups.

The assumption is that you will drink your coffee from a reusable cup on the go. Within half an houror so , the coffee is still pleasantly warm, which is only a few minutes with paper cups. So if you're looking for a cup with a lid to sip from on the road, you need a reusable cup.

The Frank Green designer thermos and other coffee thermoses

If your goal is to take your coffee to work, to school, to a picnic in the park. Or take the car on a long journey and want it to be stillhot after a few hours, choose straight between thermos mugs. I'll tell you straight away thatFrank Green thermo mugs are the most popular with customers. They are the best in terms of functionality: they keep the coffee warm and don't leak a drop. And to top it all off, they're amazingly colourful and just a design thing.

Hot as hell coffee from Kinto, Asobu and Fellow thermoses

You love coffee on the road in the car, around town and on a trip to the countryside and you know that temperature matters. Then Kinto and Fellowthermoses and thermo mugs will be your favorites . They use insulating double stainless steel walls to retain temperature. Once sealed with a lid, will thenprotect your coffee from cooling for several hours.

Thermo mug for women

Typical problem of busy moms and their morning coffee getting cold before they can get to it again. With a thermos, your coffee will be waiting hot for you to drop all the kids off at school, get the little one to sleep and finally find a few minutes of peace to drink this divine beverage. A test winner, Asobu thermoses are exactly what you're looking for.

A thermos for men

The versatile Keep Cups may please everyone, but a real man just needs a proper thermos. Black and metallic, for the wilderness or the office. In this case , theMiir thermo mug is the perfect match . It'll keep your coffee warm and some rough handling will last without a problem too.

Get a thermo mug that doesn't leak!

The second most important function of a thermo mug is its ability to seal. With reusable KeepCups , where you hold it in your hand and sip on the way, this may not be essential. On the other hand, for thermos cups that you carry in your bag, you need to keep the coffee from leaking out on the way.

To protect your purses and backpacks, we've also put the thermo mugs to the seal test. You can see if we were satisfied with the results or if we had to wipe them out in the table below. For clarity, I have added information about recommended washing, volume and price of the thermo cups.

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