Wellness gift for women: coffee and CBD cosmetics

International Women's Day is around the corner and you are wondering what to get your beloved wife, mother or grandmother? Forget about flowers. Women love wellness! And with the added value of CBD benefits, even more so.

When is Midsummer 2023?

This year - in 2023, as it has been every year (since 1975 it has been internationally recognized by the United Nations), March 8 is a day to promote the empowerment of women in society. International Women's Day is an opportunity to say thank you to all women.

There is no better occasion to show our gratitude than on this special day, which has been classified as a significant day in the Czech Republic since 2004. What more meaningful way to celebrate the International Women's Day than with a relaxing moment when women enjoy a time of relaxation with a great coffee in hand?

Mezinárodní den žen
Every woman appreciates a good cup of coffee. Image Source: Green Plantation

International Women's Day.


You already know what to wish for. Now charm with a gift that combines everything women desire. Coffee, health and relaxation in the comfort of your home. Simply home wellness!

How to make a gift for Midsummer

  1. First of all, great coffee
  2. Then natural cosmetics with CBD
  3. And chocolate, right?

Choosing coffee as a gift

Every woman deserves a good coffee, to start a busy week or to relax in the afternoon after work.

If you're hesitant after choosing the right flavours, reach for Brazil, it's always a sure-fire hit.

If you know your wife's tastes, choose your coffee according to the preparationmethod. Does she drink espresso? Give her espresso beans. Prefer a filter? You can't go wrong with Spa filter coffee .

Whether you choose Brazil, Ethiopia or Kenya, espresso or filter coffee... with aselection of the highest quality coffee you will please (not only) every woman.

Give the gift of a home CBD Spa

We've written before about the collaboration of coffee with CBD oil, but do you know the beneficial effect of hemp extract, the CBD substance in cosmetics?

CBD affects many mental and physical processes:

  • Provides relief from anxiety, depression and stress
  • Promotes sleep
  • Relieves skin reactivity - for example, redness or dry skin
  • Helps fight acne
  • Works against skin aging and wrinkles

Read about the unexpected collaboration of caffeine and cannabidiol. How do coffeeand CBD oil work together?

Women love chocolate! It's healthy and sinfully good - the real thing

We don't play chocolate substitutes. At Spa Coffee, we know that a good piece of chocolate goes best with our coffee. Dark or milk, depending on taste.

Besides the fact that chocolate tastes so good, it has several benefits that all women appreciate.

Theobromine, a compound found in dark chocolate, has similar effects to caffeine. It helps your body with increased energy, improving your mood and increasing your alertness.

Chocolate helps to reduce stress. A study found that people who ate either dark or milk chocolate reduced the stress they felt by two to three points.

Dark chocolate is also associated with some positive effects on physical health. For example, this sweet treat is associated with better cardiovascular health, thanks to the fact that it improves blood pressure and helps protect blood vessels.

Spa in the comfort of home

That there are spas for retirees? But when I say Spa, it sounds instantly youthful, doesn't it? A spa, bath or spa - that's just relaxation. Well, relaxation is what the human body needs at any age. Spais "fancy". So it was and again this style of relaxation is coming into fashion.

Treatments using natural extracts for whole body well-being are equally in. Firstly, it is products with CBD, then essential oils. These oils are mainly used in aroma lamps and fragrance diffusers. Such aromatherapy works wonders when you take a hot bath in a home spa.

Already know how to make an original gift for Midsummer?

Frequently asked questions

What to give for Midsummer?

Give your wife something that will make her happy. Quality ???? CBD cosmetics for some well-deserved relaxation and pampering, ???? choice coffee for those needing to kick-start their day and ???? delicious chocolate to coat their nerves.

When is International Women's Day?

Like every year, International Women's Day falls on 8 March. Make your sweetheart, mother, grandmother or colleague happy ???? with a beautiful gift.

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