What is Mocha coffee and how to moccaccino?

Coffee with chocolate

From a certain point of view, the similarity between coffee and chocolateis more than obvious. Chocolate beans, as well as coffee beans , are roasted to bring out their potential so that they can be further processed and used, for example, to make fragrant coffee or the traditional winter drink, hot chocolate.

The effect of coffee and chocolate on our bodies is also similar in some ways. Theactive substances contained in them, such as caffeine in coffee and theobromine in chocolate, have stimulating properties for our body.

Although coffee and caffeine are more effective at preventing fatigue in this case, we can also use chocolate for this purpose for an admittedly milder but gentler way of getting energy.

The typical taste of chocolate also appears in the characteristic flavour profile of roasted coffee, very often predominantly in Central and South American coffees. Brazilian coffees in particular tend to be defined by a chocolatey, nutty flavour.

What is mocha coffee

Theorigin of the word 'mocha' comes from the name of the Yemeni town of Mocha (Mokka or Mokha), which from the 15th to the 18th century was home to a port that was one of the most important in the world coffee trade .

Arabica coffee was grown in the mountainous areas of central Yemen at this time and was named and sold as 'Mocha' after the port mentioned above.

Mocha is now one of the oldest varieties of Coffea arabica, characterised by its low stature and small berries and leaves, with an overall lower level of productivity.

The popular moccaccino drink

Thename mocha or moccaccino refers not to the type of coffee itself, but to a popular drink that is a combination of coffee, milk and chocolate or cocoa.

The base is always espresso or double espresso - doppio, whipped warm milk and the addition of some form of chocolate.

Mocha coffee is now a staple on coffee shop drink menus. The final form of the moccaccina can vary depending on the preparation method chosen in particular establishments.

How to make moccaccino

Simply put, a classic latte, cappuccino or flat white is complemented with chocolate. This can be added as melted classic chocolate, in the form ofsyrup or as chocolate powder.

It is also not uncommon for the drink to be garnished with whipped cream and/or dusted with cocoa or chocolate shavings.

It is essential to get the ratio of chocolate and espresso right so that their flavours are balanced, and to complement this mixture with the right amount of whipped warm milk.

The best way to make a moccaccino is to prepare a cup of espresso and melt the chocolate in it. This chocolate espresso is then topped up with milk.

Another option is to flavour the milk with syrup and then pour the chocolate milk over the espresso in the cup.

Recipe for moccaccino

Prepare a cup of regular espresso or espresso doppio and melt the chocolate in it. Then top upthechocolate espresso with milk.

Another preparation option is to flavour the milk with syrup and then pour the chocolate milk over the espresso in the cup.

Mocca 3 times different by Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

Tips for making mocha coffee

Chocolate is usually chosen by baristas as a higher percentage, at least 70%. However, this is not a requirement. Your personal moccaccino recipe may include lower percentage chocolate or perhaps white chocolate or a combination of the two.

The coffee should be consistent in thetaste of chocolate, that is, its flavor profile should be defined by chocolate notes.

Sometimes, however, a particular type of chocolate may also get along better than well with the specific taste of Ethiopian coffee, for example. Itall depends above all on the mutual harmony and harmonious taste of all the components of the drink.

Moccaccino is traditionally a drink for the winter season. A kind of coffee dessert, especially when accompanied by a dollop of whipped cream decorated with cocoa, chocolate or syrup. Of course, you can also indulge in mocca coffee in summer if you prepare it in a cold version on ice.

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