What kind of coffee machines do the best Czech restaurants use?

Coffee in the Michelin restaurant Field

Chef Radek Kašpárek is behindthe creation of the Fieldrestaurant . It is one of only two restaurants in the Czech Republic that can boast the Michelin star award, and it has also defended the award several years in a row.

Field can be found in the centre of Prague, as no other Czech cities have been visited by theMichelin Guidecritics .

Thecoffee here is prepared on a Faema E61coffee machine . The coffee machine is a refurbished but original one from the 1960s. The E61 was the first coffee machine to use a positive displacement pump, unlike its predecessors. Thanks to it, the water was supplied with a pressure of 9 bar, which was constantly maintained throughout theespresso extraction.

Fordessert, you can have anespresso-based coffee made from a blend of Arabica (80%) and Robusta (20%), sourced from a small Italian roaster.

V60 at the Michelin restaurant La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, or La Degu for short, is the second Michelin-starred restaurant in the Czech Republic. The chefs prepare the dishes under the direction of Oldřich Sahajďák. All dishes are cooked with Czech ingredients and inspired by Central European cuisine.

You wouldn't be able to enjoy espresso at La Degu, they don't have a lever coffee machine at all. Thecoffee here is only filtered, using a V60. The beans are taken from the Czech roastery Doubleshot and, like the raw materials, the coffee is seasonal.

100% Arabica at Taro Restaurant Prague

Next up,I have Taro Restaurant from Maurer's Choice, which includes the best and most interesting restaurants in the Czech Republic. Specifically ,Taro restaurant is ranked 8th-9th here in the overall rating, 2nd-3rd in the Food category and 3rd in the Service category. The restaurant can be found in Smichov in Prague.

You can taste here mainly dishes that are inspired by Vietnamese cuisine. The eight-course tasting menu includes dessert and, of course, coffee.

At Taro, they will prepare it for you on an Iberital Expression coffee machine. They currently use a two-lever model, but are considering switching to a single-lever machine.

They source their roasted coffee from Doubleshot Roasters, specifically their 100% Arabicablend . From time to time, however, they try something new.

Select coffee from Honduras at The Eatery

TheEateryin Prague is a Michelin starredrestaurant , where it was included for the first time in 2021. In addition to the food, customers also get an open kitchen experience.

For dessert, you can enjoy an espresso as well as a cappuccino or café latte. Coffee at The Eatery is prepared on a professional Astoriacoffee machine . The beans are sourced from the Czech roastery Křižka and the grinder features beans from Honduras.

The Nuova Simonelli coffee shop at Dejvická 34

Tomáš Černý's business ,Dejvická 34, wasalso included in the Michelin selection "good quality at a good price" for the first time last year . You can taste mainly Mediterranean cuisine here. The coffee is prepared on a Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II coffee machine from Italian espresso beans ofArabica and Robusta, Caffé Boutique.

Nuova Simonelli's Italian coffee machines are among the top among professional coffee machines.

Filtered coffee in the Entrée restaurant

In this case, we travel from Prague to Olomouc. Entrée is a renowned restaurant among lovers of good food, and Maurer's selection agrees . Entrée is in the top 10.

Thechef behind Entrée is Přemek Forejt. In the preparation of the food here, they are mainly inspired by nature, so you can taste, for example, a menu called heaven.

Theespresso-based drinks are prepared on an Astoria coffee machine. You can enjoy an espresso, a cappuccino or even anespresso tonic. The beans from the local Olomouc roastery are ground in Mahlkönig grinders , which are great equipment for any operation.

Filtered coffee lovers will probably be pleased to order coffee from French Pressas well .

Nuova Simonelli coffee machines and grinders in the Na Kopci restaurant

ThePrague restaurant Na Kopci is also included in the Michelin selection "good quality at a good price", and has already defended its position in the selection several times. Na Kopci can also be found in Maurer's selection. You can taste both Czech and French cuisine here.

The coffee is made from illy beans. Thecoffee accessories used here are exclusively from Nuova Simonelli, from which they have both a professional coffee machine and a coffee grinder.

Eska and Victoria Arduino professional coffee machine

Eska is a bit different from other restaurants, it's a bit more casual and you can even go here for breakfast or for fresh bread.

The establishment, like the previous one, is part of the Maurer's Choice and Michelin Guide. Thecuisine here is mainly Czech, and you can sample it in the form of individual dishes as well as a five-course evening menu.

Even the coffee offer here is not modest. Trained baristas prepare all kinds of espresso-based coffees. Theyuse aVictoria Arduino 388 Black Eagle T3 3GRcoffee machine .

For the best resulting espresso, you also need to attach water filtrationto the machine . At Esca, they use the AQ3 Mini filtration, which is backed by Nordbeans Roasters and the Research Institute of Technology.

Even filter coffeelovers will find something to love here. They offer batch brew, which they prepare on a Marco JET6 dripper connected to a BTW reverse osmosis system .

The Victoria Arduino grinder primarily uses beans from the Nordbeans roastery in Liberec, but from time to time you can also enjoy coffee from another Czech roaster.