What to know before you buy a lever coffee machine

Why not get a lever coffee machine for your home? Read on to find out if making espresso from a lever is what you really want.

Life with a lever coffee machine in the kitchen. What does it involve?

The love of coffee motivates you to buy a lever coffee machine.However, if you don't have experience withthis type of coffee maker, buying one can be disappointing. Don't worry, if you read this article before buying a coffee maker, you can avoidan unwanted experience.

A lever coffee maker is a modern and stylish appliance that every coffee drinker wants to have at home. But, let's face it, operating a lever coffee maker is not for everyone. You may love coffee as a cup of beverage with captivating flavor and aroma, but at the same time, it may not be in your interest to spend more than 2-3 minutes with coffee preparation.

If you do end up opting for a lever coffee maker, count on the fact that you'll have to dedicate yourself to making coffee. Yes, with practice comes experience and automated coffee brewing steps that will speed up the process. Still, you will bestanding at the lever coffee maker for a while every day.

Why not buy a home lever coffee maker

  • Making coffee alwaystakes time
  • You need to know at least the basics of espressoextraction
  • It's alsouseful to get experience in whisking milk
  • You'll take the time to care for and clean themachine
  • You need tochoose a suitable coffeegrinderfor your coffee machine
  • Usually a bit of coffee from a new packagewill go to waste
  • You'll become the family barista, because not everyone will know how to use it

    The principle of making coffee in a lever coffee machine

    In the most concise way, making espresso in a lever coffee machine is a two-step process.

    1. Settling and squeezing properly finely ground coffee of the exact weight
    2. stopping the extraction process at the optimum time and volume of coffee in the cup

    The two steps alone may not seem like much to discourage you from getting a lever espresso machine. But notice, you're working with all variables. How much coffee, how finely ground you're going to be, how long to extract while the espresso reaches - what volume? Anyone who operates a lever espresso machine needs to be able to figure out these variables. Can you do it?

    Sure, we'll be happy to help you learn. Others have done it, you can do it. Youjust have tobe willing to gain experience and put in the time. However, a desire for coffee knowledge and skills will advance your understanding of espresso and coffee preparation in general. Which, for me, is the main decision point when buying a lever coffee maker. So, is coffee your hobby?

    Home lever coffee maker vs. alternative coffee preparation

    Maybe you need tostartyour coffee journey somewhere other than straight with a lever coffee maker. Theprice of a quality coffee maker may be what guides you to this decision in the first place . We recently blogged about why to invest in an expensive one and not buy a cheap coffee maker. So I'll get straight to the price of the coffee maker vs. alternative methods as an important decision factor.

    Price per lever coffee maker vs. French Press vs. Moka vs. AeroPress

    Best-selling lever coffee maker French Press Moka Teapot AeroPress
    1 911,40 € 44,60 € 45,50 36,50 €

    Price for lever coffee machine vs. French Press vs. Moka vs. AeroPressWith each of these products you can prepare a delicious cup of coffee. You can adapt the recipe to your own and thus get even from alternative methods a strong tasting coffee. However, it will never be the right espresso. And this is where you need to consider whether

    1. do I just want coffee that might not be espresso, or
    2. do I want to understand coffee extraction first and then get a lever machine, or
    3. what are we talking about here, I love espresso and I'm going to get a coffee maker!

    In conclusion

    Have you read this far and are you sure that a lever coffee maker is the right nut for you? If nothing I've said so far about why not to buy a home lever espresso maker has taken you off the path to making real espresso in your own home, then go for it! Need help buying a coffee maker? Just leave a contact!

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