What you may not have known about coffee

Coffee is a fruit

The coffee tree is a fruit tree and coffee beans are the pits of coffee cherries. Coffee cherries grow on densely planted bushes in large plantations.

You will fully associate the fruit with coffee once you taste the freshly dried coffee cherry without the bean, called cascara.

There are more varieties than just Arabica and Robusta

Each type has different flavours and different caffeine content. Arabica is the most popular type of coffee in the world and Robusta has 2x more caffeine than Arabica.

Although it's actually a bit more complicated than that. Robusta is just a generic name, it's properly Canephora.

Outside of these two basic and cultivated species there are a number of almost unknown species, but you will probably never encounter them in practice. There are dozens of them!

Most coffee is drunk in New York

It's hard to tell if it's because this city never sleeps or because it's one of the most populous cities where you can find a coffee shop on every corner.

Coffee was discovered by goats

According to a legend from the 9th century AD, the first effects of coffee were noticed by Ethiopian herders on their goats, who were more active than ever after eating the beans.

The discovery of roasted coffee is then attributed to farmers whose coffee accidentally fell into a fire.

Coffee works best in the morning

It is best for our bodies if we have coffee between 9:30 and 11:30.

At the same time, studies have come out that point to the dampening effects of coffee in the first 20 minutes and it is recommended to sleep through this negative effect.

Coffee as a prevention against disease

People who drink small amounts of coffee regularly are more likely to not get Alzheimer's in old age. Coffee also reduces the risk of getting diabetes, Parkinson's disease or colon cancer.

There are all sorts of articles, often of dubious studies, on this topic every day.

Coffee beans cleanse the olfactory cells

If you go shopping for perfume, it's a good idea to take coffee with you and smell the perfume in between. Sniffing coffee beans will cleanse your olfactory cells.

But sniffing your own body odour works just as well.