When and why to replace the coffee grinder

When to replace a manual coffee grinder with a higher quality one?

If at the beginning of your "journey to better coffee" you reached for a manual coffee grinder, you must have considered the purchase price in addition to the list of features. But the more you delve into the secrets of perfect coffee preparation, you find that your first grinder is no longer enough.

Replace your hand grinder if the coffee grind is not even, but different sized beans are appearing, the grinding stones are damaged or the axis attachment is destroyed. Image source Mirka Vnenková

The reasons to get a better hand grinder may be the following:

The coffee grinder grinds poorly

Some cheaper manual coffee grinders grind the beans unevenly, resulting in differently coarse coffee. From larger pieces of beans to fine dust components that negatively affect the extraction and therefore the taste of the beverage.

Worn or damaged grinding stones

Grinding stones can be another weakness of grinders. If handled carelessly, ceramic stones in particular can chip or break completely. Steel ones become dull with prolonged use and require either complete replacement or sharpening.

Worn mill axles

Some manufacturers of inexpensive coffee grinders skimp on the quality of the material of the grinder axis attachment. With prolonged use, can become misaligned, causing the grinding stones to not bed down properly. Not only does the machine fail to grind the beans perfectly, but it also destroys the stones.

Should I replace the old grinder with a new one?

If the machine is damaged or you want to upgrade to a higher level, then definitely yes. If you can't afford a hand grinder, it's worth investing in a better quality one.

  • Choose one that can meet the demands that the original one no longer does.
  • Don't be put off by the higher initial price - if you pay extra for quality, the grinder will last you forever.

And which mills score points with me?

Comandante - the king of hand grinders

Comandante coffee grinders are considered to be some of the best hand grinders in the world. It has inimitable nitroblade stones that make it a powerful grinder with a timeless design.

  • It has a grind coarseness adjustment like a classic grinder from the bottom, after the bowl is removed.
  • The Comandante is literally a lifestyle grinder that won't get tired. You can also get other coffee accessories for the grinder, such as brushes, spoons or a grinder cover.

Kinu - German precision is undeniable

The coffee grinders Kinu are not left behind in terms of quality and workmanship either. The robust steel grinders come from a German workshop that is characterised by quality and precision workmanship.

They feature stepless coarseness shifting, which you will appreciate when making espresso, but also any other coffee preparation.

1Zpresso - from espresso to Chemex

Among the top of the range are the coffee grinders from the 1Zpressobrand. Offering up to 90 degrees of bean grind, it will satisfy even the most demanding coffee drinkers. Whether you enjoy a classic espresso or prepare your beverage using alternative methods such as French press, Chemex, Aeropress or in a V60 dripper, there is a choice with 1Zpresso. Plus, you'll appreciate that it has a coarseness setting at the top.

When to replace a manual coffee grinder with an electric one?

Making your own ground coffee and spinning the crank certainly has its charms. But what if you're tired of the "coffee bottle" and want to speed up the grinding process? Then the electric grinder is the obvious choice.

  • An electric coffee grinder grinds coffee faster than a manual one.
  • You achieve an even coarseness without unwanted coffee dust.
  • The ground coffee container is larger on most grinders, which you'll appreciate if you often brew coffee for multiple people.

Baratza Electric Coffee Grinders

For electric coffee grinders, I can definitely recommend the brand Baratza. They are specialists in grinders for home baristas.

By getting one of the Baratza models, you invite a top-notch helper into your kitchen that grinds beans for a flavorful espresso and a larger batch of coffee for the French press.

Why upgrade to an electric coffee grinder?

If you skipped the previous lines, then you probably already own an electric grinder but aren't completely satisfied with it. There may be several reasons toreplace your current grinder with a better one:

  • The grinder is too noisy.
  • Insufficient grinding speed.
  • The ground coffee is inconsistent. It contains both larger parts of the beans and coffee dust.
  • The grinder is outdated and need a new model.
  • It does not meet your grindingrequirements and you only need an espresso grinder, for example.

When do you not need to replace the whole grinder?

You don't always have to run to the store for a new coffee grinder. If the current one suits you, you can just "pick the bugs" and it will continue to serve you well.

Sometimes you just need to:

  • Set the right grinding coarseness.
  • Replace or regrind the grinding stones.
  • Calibrate the stones or have the grinder serviced.
  • Replace broken parts with new parts.