Which coffee machine to choose for the office?

Automatic vs. lever coffee machine

Is an automatic or a lever coffee machine better suited to your business? Sinceeveryone in your company who will want to drink coffee is not a top barista, your choice should fall more on anautomatic coffee machine. This will take away a few worries, such as grinding.

More or less, you'll only need a couple of people to help you set up the machine. There's also no need to clean the machine after each coffee. Even so, you shouldn't neglect its maintenance.

And since automatic coffee machines are better suited for businesses and offices, I'm going to focus primarily on them in this article.

In addition to lever and automatic coffee machines, there is also a drip coffee machine in play, but I'll tell you more about that later.

Coffee machines by water connection

What's the first question you should ask when choosing a coffee maker for your business or office? Without a doubt, you should clarify whether the coffee machine can be connected to water without major interventions in the walls and wiring, or if you can get by with a coffee machine with a water reservoir.

If you opt for a coffee machine with a water reservoir, you should also consider the amount of coffees you make each day. If you're on the order of dozens, this type of machine will be fine, otherwise the water and waste connections are worth considering.

In case you decide to choose a coffee machine with a direct water connection, you shouldn't forget about the filter cartridge. This will take care of trapping unwanted minerals that make it impossible to create a balanced cup of coffee. The cartridge, on the other hand, provides the water with the necessary magnesium, which has a good effect on coffee extraction. This means your coffee machine will last longer and your coffee will taste better too.

Automatic coffee machines by coffee capacity

Hand in hand with the connection goes the capacity of the coffee machine, and not only the water capacity, but also the bean or waste capacity.

The first thing I'll warn you, though, is that you should only put as much coffee in the hopper as you actually use in a day. Thehopper is not suitable for storage. The beans will easily lose their aroma and your coffee won't taste as good.

If you have no idea how much coffee is needed for your number of employees, let me do the math with you for a moment. If we consider that you need roughly 9g of coffee per espresso, then 1kg of coffee works out to roughly 110 coffees. You also have to take into account that not everyone needs just one.

Hopper sizes range from about 120 g to 3 kg. In addition, with most coffee machines, the amount of coffee per batch can be adjusted so you can enjoy a balanced cup of coffee.

A quiet coffee machine for the office

When you're buying a coffee machine for your office or business, the noise level of the machine will no doubt be an important factor for you. If you're going to have the coffee machine in a separate kitchen, this factor isn't as important, but it is in a coworking or open-plan office.

For smaller offices, you won't go wrong with Nivonacoffee machines , whereas smaller Saeco coffee machines are slightly noisier and not an ideal choice for an open plan space.

You'll find quiet pieces among the larger coffee machines too, and the Melitta brand certainly won't disappoint. Source.

Do you want espresso or coffee with milk?

What other features should you consider when choosing a coffee machine? Whether you and your colleagues prefer coffee with or withoutmilk, because not all coffee machines will make it. But even at work, your favourite latte doesn't have to be a hindrance. The milk reservoir also needs to be refilled and cleaned regularly.

Decaffeinated coffee? No problem.

If there's someone among your colleagues who loves coffee, but caffeine just doesn't do it for them, there are coffee machines with space for one serving of ground coffee. You'll find this special space right next to the bean hopper. In addition to decaffeinated coffee, it is also suitable for people who have a favourite coffee they can't get enough of, for example.

Filtered coffee for your office

If you are particularly fond of filter coffeeat your company, then theFetco CBS-2121 is definitely worth considering.

Reasons why Fetco is the ideal coffee machine for the office:

  • easy to use
  • Preparation of up to 18 litres of filter coffee per hour (in case of a big meeting, you have a lot of coffee in a short time)
  • thanks to the heater and the option of stainless steel pots, the coffeestays hot for several hours

Lever coffee machine for an office full of espresso lovers

Do you have a small office full of espresso lovers who like to play around with the preparation? Then maybe a lever espresso machine is worth considering.

And if it's espresso, it's quality espresso! In addition to the home , theNuova Simonelli Oscar II is also perfect for the office. You'll find botha version with a water tank and a version with a direct water connection in our online shop .

Whether you reach for an automatic or lever coffee machine, you shouldn't neglect its maintenance.

The lever coffee machine must not be without a grinder. And you won't go wrong withNuova Simonellieither .

HR's view on coffee in the workplace

How does HR feel about coffee in the workplace? I asked Tomáš Hanák, who has a lot of experience with recruitment.

"In my opinion, coffee in the workplace is a standard, not a benefit. This term can be understood as something that an employee receives in addition to his or her normal remuneration.

In addition, almost everyone has a coffee machine at home, so it is debatable whether coffee at the workplace should be considered a benefit. Alternatively, one also needs to consider what coffee is perceived as superior in people's eyes.

Moreover, benefits are different for different positions, so coffee may be perceived as a benefit in some positions and not in others."

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