Why are coffee machines so expensive?

"If it wasn't so expensive, I'd take it." You say to yourself. I say, "You should get one after all. It's worth it. How do you save money on buying an expensive coffee machine and why does it cost so much? Find out the answers in this article.

Expensive vs. cheap coffee maker

For starters, let's define the terms. Let's define a cheap coffee machine as a coffee machine that is within the price range of 5-10,000 CZK. You can usually spot them straight away. From the look of it ,cheap-looking plastic, vacuum portafilters, panarello (those wide, often plastic, ends of the steam nozzle).

With expensive coffee machines, it is not uncommon for them to boast quality from the outside, i.e., for example, the appearance in polished metal, or quality plastic in an artfully crafted design. Both the portafilter and the nozzle look as they should - and above all work.

Why are coffee machines expensive?

Now let's review whatdetermines the price of a coffee machine. The individual points will then also better illuminate the differences between cheap and expensive coffee machines, as these stand at opposite ends of the scale of a particular price-defining factor.

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Coffee machine processing

It's about the materials that make up the coffee machine, and the way it is made. In our companies from which we select coffee machines, it is mainly handmade coffee machines. Such machines are assembled by meticulous craftsmen with the precision acquired through years of practice. At the same time, they work with materials selected with an eye for theright technological properties and durability.

Innovative coffee machines

The price of a coffee machine also reflects the manufacturer's costs for research and innovation. Thecreation of improved technologies is then reflected in thequality of coffee preparation, ease of use and ease of maintenance of the coffee machine. Here we include not only technical but also design innovations, because the coffee machine on display in our homes every day should also look good.

The German masters of coffee machines and sports cars have created the ECM Synchronika Edition No. 1. Source: www.ecm.de/ecm-synchronika-edition-no-1-en-1.html

Coffee machine technology

Every machine has to be built to work with high pressure and hot water day in and day out. Such capabilities require the use of components with often complex designs that are costly to manufacture and test for their impeccable performance. Today's coffee makers also utilize sophisticated modern technology for more economical operation, which you will greatly appreciate when using them.Coffee Maker BrandSomecompanies that have been manufacturing honest coffee makers for years have made their mark on the public as a trusted brand with reliable products. Years of good work and earning the status of a manufacturer with quality assurances naturally adds to the price of the coffee maker. But at the same time ,we all know why we go after these brands, right?

Coffee machine specialisation

The wide range of coffee machine prices (the expensive ones cost from 10k to over 100k) is due to how complicated their internal design is. Different customer needs inspire manufacturers to produce different model lines of coffee machines. The particular focus, the specialisation of the coffee machine, determines the level of complexity of the machine and thus its price. Simply put: a coffee machine with two boilers is more complex than a coffee machine with one boiler. Hence, it is also more expensive, but you can prepare lattes in no time at all.

Buy an expensive coffee maker and make a profit

We've had countless reports from coffee drinkers who bought a cheap espresso machine at the supermarket. They dreamed of making their own good cappuccinos, and they said it was enough for home. After a disappointing and bad experience anda lot of time making coffee that didn't taste as expected, theydecided to buy a proper coffee machine.

Such a good coffee machine costs tens of thousands. Yet you can save several thousand by skipping the purchase of a cheap coffee machine that "just works for home". You'll save money on coffee, milk and the energy (both electrical and your own) that you put into experimenting with a cheap coffee machine.

Plus, you'll find that an expensive coffee maker is an investment. On average , it'safter about 2 years that you get the value of buying a home coffee maker back. Compared to going to a coffee shop for coffee. Then you save significantly on each additional cup. Good coffee machines also have a long life and any repairs are more or less just based onreplacing a particular worn part.

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