Why choose a Nuova Simonelli Appia coffee machine for your café

Appia Life Coffee Machines. The clear choice for the aspiring coffee drinker

It stands out for its proven reliability. Also with a modern design that makes it unique and recognisable from the door of the café. The manufacturer, Nuova Simonelli, puts emphasis on:

  • affordable price,
  • ease of use,
  • lower energy consumption
  • and great coffee.

In summary: Appia is a guarantee of success. And a successful coffee business is your goal.

Who should have an Appia Life coffee machine?

TheAppiacoffee maker from the Italian company Nuova Simonelli is ideal for new, i .e.starting, coffee makers. Also to already established coffee shops with small and medium-sized operations, depending on the type of coffee maker chosen.

It is not to be missed by "food truck" snack shops, coffee stands and "coffee bike", coffee bars and "pop-up" cafés. Appia Life plays a major role in such mobile coffee shop solutions, and their operators appreciate the low weight of the coffee machine and the resilience in the event of an accident while moving the stalls. They also don't forget the pleasantly easy operation, and above all the fact that Appia is simply a hard worker, as it should be.

Nuova Simonelli Appia... Appia Life!

The new generation of Appia coffee machines was launched in the new decade, the year 2020. Themodernisation of the original Appia model (the already very popular Appia II) was in the spirit of more environmentally friendly production, energy saving operation and improved controls. All in a nice easy to remember design available in 3 colours: white, black and red.

Professional espresso machine with a sense of ecology

Thelatest Drytex Thermical insulation reduces energy consumption by up to 13% compared to the classic Appia II model.

Thanks to a new thermal system, new materials and overall improvements in mechanical components, Appia Life has a 20% lower environmental impact than Appia II.

Nuova Simonelli has also focused on ecology with its range of more sophisticated ????AureliaWave coffee machines.

A café coffee machine that fits the budget and the barista

Appia Life can make up to 250 cups of cappuccinoa day . It can also use these two innovative technologies to get the job done:

  1. SIS - soft infusion system allows profiling of pressure and water for the desired espressoextraction .
  2. Easycream allows the automatic preparation of whipped milk, i.e. microfoam, for cappuccino or latte.

The ergonomic system of the Appia coffee machine manages to streamline the work of baristas. It will increase the speed of the operator and help them in their daily tasks.After all, who wouldn't look forward to going home after a hard day, right? The coffee machine cleaning program that Appia has will make it easier for baristas to maintain and time at the end of their shift.

The Appia Life coffee maker's ease of use is based on clarity, large, non-high buttons, clear labeling, Pull & Push levers that trigger the steam nozzle and the overall ergonomic design of the machine.

Appia Life adapts to the life of your café

Coffee shops are a reflection of their owners and their baristas. Although similar in many ways, a closer look reveals many differences. And the particular needs or habits of local baristas. Well, Appia Life is available inseveral versions to cover your exact requirements for the ideal coffee machine.

So you have a variety of options to combine your coffee machine. The differences are due to the characteristic features:

  • number of levers/heads - single-lever, two-lever and three-lever versions
  • classic or compact - space-saving style of coffee maker assembly
  • with volumetrics or semi-automatic - the volumetric dosing option is useful for speeding up the coffee dispensing or automating the espresso extraction process

And there's also the smart Appia Life from the XT series. It includes a simple display that helps in controlling and adjusting doses. During preparation , the display shows the seconds and allows you to set a counter for the coffees prepared.

Appia Life single lever

Where you only have some 40 cm of space for a coffee machine. Where the traffic is low at around 100 coffees per day. For a coffee stand for private events and catering. For the office coffee shop. Or maybe for a bistro where the main product of the business is food and then coffee.

  • semiautomation
  • with volumetrics

Appia Life double lever

A coffee maker that has two group heads is much faster. Using two levers you can extract 4 espressos at once. Above all, it has a bigger boiler, so a supply of hot water and steam to make more coffee. Thus, two-lever coffee machines are the best-selling variants of coffee machines for classic coffee shops. Small and medium-sized.

  • Semi-automatic and Compact
  • with volumetrics also as Compact or XT series

Three lever Appia Life

The largest version of the Appia Life coffee machine. Designed for cafes where you need to be able to take a proper charge. Baristas can take up to three portafilters, giving them the ability to make 6 espressos at once.

The ability to extract coffee on the three heads of the machine helps to smoothly handle all orders. The work behind is more organized, faster and the barista happier.

  • semiautomation
  • with volumetrics also as XT series

In short, the Appia Life is a coffee machine for café life - just the way it is. And it can adapt to it. The key is to choose the right model for your unique business. Our Zdeněk can help you best with this during a personal or telephone consultation. So let us know! ????

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