Why drink herbal teas and how to prepare drinks from them for winter evenings

Coffeelovers also enjoy a good cup of tea in the evenings . Herbal tea, not onlypleases the taste and smell and warms the palms of the hands, but in the later hours is a great drink to fall asleep afterwards.

In addition to their calming effects ,teashave been among the central motifs for social gatherings for centuries and are also synonymous with relaxation after a busy day. They have a positive effect not only on the body but also on the mind. This makes them a great help for stress and anxiety. Sipping evening tea can become a kind of calming ritual, a relaxation technique.


Our herbal teas are created from unique combinations of different herbs that complement each other to form original tea blends. Each blend has a poetic name that describes the purpose for which the tea is to be sipped.

Of the many herbs represented in the teas, mint, lemon balm and thyme areamong the most prominent . Teas containing mint provide a minty refreshment. It is a relaxing herb that can relieve muscle tension. Lemon balm in a tea blend has an anti-stress role as it works to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Thyme, on the other hand, is a very aromatic herb that supports the immune system.


The preparation of the tea itself is then a simple task. For herbal teas in general, the following instructions can be followed:

  • 2 teaspoons of tea mixture
  • 250 ml of hot water at 100°C

The herbs are usually steeped for longer than is usual for black or green tea, for example. For best effect, leave them in the water for about 10 minutes. Preferably in a cup or teapot with a lid.

You can of course drink the leached tea on its own, as this is the way to enjoy the flavours of all the herbs contained. However, if you have a taste, you can usethis pure herbal infusion to make a hot drink. And with the addition of the right ingredients, the tea can be transformed into a tasty (not only) winter drink.


Teas play an irreplaceable role in winter drinks. In combination with alcohol, it is perhaps most common in the form of punch. In the classic concept, alcohol, honey or sugar, lemon, spices and strong black tea are usedfor the punch, known in English as a "hot toddy". However, this need not be a requirement. Try replacing it with an herbal tea infusion.

To prepare Herbal Hot Toddy you will need:

  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • whole cinnamon
  • 0.4 cl whisky
  • ¾ cup of herbal teaextract "Be Healthy"

Mix everything into a warm and fragrant drink full of health. Adjust the amount of lemon and honey to your taste to make the most of your hot drink.


Just as coffee pairs well with milk, so does this collaboration work with teas. A gentle herbal version of milk tea is such a warming caress. Warm milk, fragrant herbs and spices. This mix can soothe us to sleep in the evening.

To prepare the herbal latte you will need:

To prepare the herbal tea latte, mix the ingredients in one saucepan. Gradually heat everything over a low flame. Strain the warm infused milk through a strainer and froth for even more delicious sipping. TheFrench Press is perfect forthis purpose. Pour the tea and spice flavoured warm milk into the French Press and pump a few times with the plunger. This allows the milk to froth richly in a few seconds. Pour the result into a mug and dust with cinnamon.


Spice up a cosy winter evening with friends with a hot herbal version of Tom Collins. This popular gin cocktail is traditionally served on the rocks, sweetened with sugar syrup and topped with club soda. For a warm version, swap the soda for herbal tea and the syrup for a little honey. The herbal essence of gin works well with floral tea.

To prepare hot T.C. you will need:

Add the gin to the warm herbal tea, sweeten with honey and flavour with lemon juice. Adjust the amount of honey and lemon to your taste. Finally, slice a few lemon wedges into the drink for garnish.


Whether you are drinking any tea drink or a pure herbal extract, it is essential to have a tea blend made from quality herbs. Our Luhačovice teas are made with herbs grown in organic quality, they are products of organic farming. The owners of the herb field, Zuzka and Radek Fryzelko, take care of their plants with sensitivity and care. Such herbs are a guarantee of quality and a literally magical experience when sipping these herbal teas.

Unlike black and green teas, which due to caffeine may not be suitable for more sensitive people in the later hours, herbal teas are just perfect for evening sipping. They don't interfere with sleep, on the contrary, they can promote it and a good night's sleep is an important factor in a healthy life.

The waking effect of the caffeine in tea or coffee is beneficial for the workload during the day. Caffeinated drinks should be avoided in the evening as it takes the body about 6 hours to process the caffeine after drinking. In doing so, we would be unhealthily interfering with our natural cycle, our biological circadian clock - the so-called circadian rhythms. Then, if we do manage to fall asleep, there's a good chance that our caffeine-influenced sleep will not be of good quality.

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