Why not buy a cheap coffee machine for the office? Case study

In many cases, it happens that you buy a cheap coffee machine for the office, with the idea of saving money. But the opposite is often true. In this article, we'll show you why it's better to invest in a more expensive coffee machine for the office.

Introducing the client

We recently heardfrom Francis who wanted to buy a new coffee machine for his office. He started browsing the internet and automatically looked for thecheapest ones in his category.

He was convinced that hedidn't need to invest in a more expensive coffee machine, that it was unnecessary. He was about to buy a DeLongi Maestosa coffee machine, but decided to call us for advice. So we took pencil and paper and wrote it down in black and white.

Coffee machine requirements

When we met with Francis, we asked him some basic questions like why he wanted to get a coffee machine, what it would brew, who would operate it and how it should work. We asked these questions mainly to find out what the requirements were and what we could then work with.

František told us that he wants a coffee machine mainly because he already has a larger team of people andmeetings of different levels where it is appropriate toserve quality beans. He also wants people to be able to choose from different types of drinks, whichever they prefer, and for the operation to be convenient, preferably at the touch of a button and done in a few seconds.

Thecoffee machine also needs to have a large capacity reservoir, as it will be used by many people in a day.

Thecoffee maker will be operated by people who areused to automatic coffee machines and know how to use them, but also by people who are less technologically savvy or not used to automatic coffee machines. Therefore, it is necessary to choose one that can beoperated by everyone.

We also need to make sure that the office coffee machine is quiet so that it doesn't disturb other co-workers, and also as self-contained as possible so that it doesn't have to be manned and operated by someone every hour. It also needs to be very easy to clean so that employees do not spend hours on it.

We have come up with a solution - the Melitta Cafina XT4

After carefully researching all of our automatic coffee machines on the store, we came to the conclusion that the Melitta Cafina XT4 would be the best option .

TheMelitta Cafina XT4 is one of the absolute best in its category. This coffee maker is designed to beas space-saving as possible, so it's absolutely perfect for offices where you really don't want to have just a coffee machine across the kitchen.

Different types of drinks - no problem!

This coffee machine can make up to128 different drinks. Some of the drinks are alreadypre-set and some you can combine yourself. What's a great advantage is that you only need a combination of buttons to get tothe beverage menu. This menu is very easy to use with buttons and a graphical display that is veryintuitive.

Cleaning easier than ever

TheMelitta Cafina XT4 has simple and automatic cleaning thanks to the CIP ( Clean In Place) function. You don't have to disassemble the entire brewing unit and yet you achieve a hygienically clean coffee machine, saving you alot of time.

Hopper capacity for large sessions

Thecoffee machine has two removable trays, each of which can hold up to 1000g of coffee. Both are dishwasher safe , making maintenance more convenient. The second of the trays can be used for instant blends such ascocoa, as you don't always get a born coffee grinder to come to your meeting and make a great impression.

In one hour, this machine can make:

  • 150x espresso
  • 100x espresso lungo/crema
  • 90x cappuccino/latte
  • 80x hot chocolate

Creating a coffee bar in your company

Another great advantage is that Melitta offers other modular equipment such as cup warmers and milk fridges. Thanks to them, you can expand the equipment in your office and thus create a complete coffee bar in your company.

This is what your company coffee bar can look like. Source.

Comparison of the Melitta Cafina XT4 and the DeLongi Maestosa

A comparison of the basic equipment and technology that both coffee machines have. Source.


TheMelitta cafina XT4 costs €9,775.20 inits basic configuration, while the DeLongi Maestosa costs approximately €2,652. However, if we take into account that in a company you will need to serve about 200 people a day, the coffee machine from DeLongi is insufficient, as you will spend much more time at it than necessary. In addition, there is a tax deduction of up to €3,264 for a company coffee machine.

The Melitta cafina XT4 has the main advantage of the coffeehopper capacity and also an automatic cleaning system, so it is virtually maintenance-free.

Also, the great advantage is themany types of beverages that the Melitta coffee machine offers. And thanks to the adjustable espresso pressure, employees will be able to enjoy a coffee that is on par with the espresso from a coffee shop.

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