Why not buy an automatic coffee machine for your home

Do you like the experience of enjoying an espresso from a coffee shop, but the automatic coffee machine doesn't want to give you that experience? In this article, we will present the main reasons why it is better to invest in a lever coffee machine.

Automatický kávovar

Automatic or something more?

Anautomatic coffee machine is a device designed to make coffee with aslittle human intervention as possible. These machines usually have several functions such ascoffee grinding, dosing, extraction and often the ability toadd milk. Customers are attracted to the speed and simplicity that an automatic coffee machine offers. In many cases, this saves a lot of time and work in making coffee.

Thebig problem, however, is that even if you have thelatest and greatest automatic for a lot of money, it can't make the kind of espresso thata classic lever can.

Why doesn't an automatic coffee maker make the same coffee as a lever?

1. Limited control over the process

One of the main problems with automatic coffee makers is the limited control over the entire coffee making process. With an automatic coffee machine, parameters such as water temperature, extraction strength or ground coffee quantity control are often fixed anddifficult to adjust. On the one hand, this makes time and work easier, but in this case it is at the expense of a well prepared espresso. Thus, it is up to you whether you choose this option .

2. Grinding quality problems

Automatic coffee makers usually have a built-in coffee grinder that may have limited grind quality. The quality of the grind has a significant impact on the final taste of the coffee, and if the grind is not consistent enough, it can lead to an unbalanced taste and a poorer quality of the final coffee.

3. Cleanliness and maintenance issues

Automatic coffee machines tend to accumulate coffee residue and oil, which can lead to rapid contamination and deterioration in coffee quality and taste. Cleaning these machines can be difficult and time-consuming, which may discourage some users.

Why is it better to invest money in a quality lever coffee machine?

1. More control over the process

Alever coffee machine gives you complete control over the coffee preparation. You can adjust theamount of coffee, water pressure and extraction time to your preference. While it's amore complicated and lengthy process that requires patience, trust that once you've mastered all of these steps, you'll achieve that perfect taste that matches your exact brewing desires.

If you want to learn more about home lever coffee makers, read our blog article on home lever coffee makers with single boiler.

2. Excellent grind quality

Lever coffee makers don't use a built-in coffee grinder, which means you can use your own coffee grinder to ensure aconsistent, high-quality grind when making each espresso. And as you know, a quality grinder makes all the difference to the taste of your coffee.

3. Long-term sustainability

A quality lever coffee maker is often more durable and long-lasting than an automatic coffee maker. Investing in a lever coffee machine can be a long-term investment, but one that will be very worthwhile in terms of performance and one that you will be very grateful for.


In conclusion , though,automatic coffee machines offer a quick and convenient route to relatively high-quality espresso. A lever espresso machine delivers much better process control, grind quality and long-term sustainability. If you care about the great taste and consistency of your espresso, then investing in a quality lever coffee machine is certainly the right choice. Your taste buds will appreciate it.

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