Wilfa Svart: grinder for home coffee preparation

Choosing a coffee grinder

TheWilfa Svart electric grinder has become a popular home grinder and deserves its place in the kitchen.

You will be most interested in this grinder when you decide tospeed up and simplify the preparation of your filter coffee.

It is common for people who have embarked on the path of fine coffee to discover the world of coffee gradually, and to be guided by the secrets of home coffee preparation. For technical and economic reasons, especially filtered.

They go to a professional coffee shop for an espresso and at home they try to unravel the mysteries of the opening of the coffee flavour from the bean and its transfer to the cup.

The first coffee grinder

Theirfirst tentative steps lead them to buy a grinder - a good quality but cheap one.

It is the initial uncertainty that puts pressure on the price, so they focus on buying a grinder for a few hundred. In order for the mill to remain of good quality even in this price range, the buyer must accept that it will be without a motor and that he will have to turn the crank manually.

But it's not a big job, some people find joy in this activity and associate grinding with the overall "ritual" of making coffee.

In addition, the undeniable advantage of the hand grinder is its portability and the fact that you can take it with you on a trip or holiday.

Opting for an electric grinder

But then there are those cases when you simply don't want to grind by hand. Whether the reason is that you don't enjoy it, you don't have time to grind by hand or you grind coffee frequently, you decide to get an electric grinder.

You expect certainty, simplicity and speed. You want a grinder that grinds for you so you have time to do other things, that grinds quickly so that you can prepare your coffee when you've barely opened your eyes.

Youalso expect the quality of grind to be at least as good as that of a manual grinder. Last but not least, the price, other features and also maybe how it will lookplay a role, because an electric grinder is not as portable as a manual one.

The unique Wilfa Svart grinder

In our personal experience , theWilfa Svart grindercomes out best in the price/performance ratio. This coffee grinder was designed with this in mind.

Availability and low price are ensured by the know-how and capabilities of the manufacturer - the Norwegian company Wilfa, which has been involved in home appliances since 1948.

During this time ,Wilfa has accumulated a lot of experience and has earned a strong name on the world market as a company focused on quality, functionality and design of its products.

Equally important to Wilfa is its environmental business. That is why its name and its products are associated withsustainability and ethical sourcing.

Tim Wendelboe and Wilfa Smart

This collection of the company's positives is crowned by its association with Tim Wendelboe, a star of the coffee world , who collaborates with Wilfa in the field of coffee appliances.

Tim Wendelboewon the world barista championship in 2004 and has since becomeone of the leading experts in fine coffee. His expert oversight is visibly evident in the grind quality of this grinder.

A closer look at the Wilf Svart

Better model, still low price

The combination of Wilfa and Tim Wendelboe is perfectly reflected in the Wilfa Svart grinder.

This grinder is available in two variants. TheWilfa Svart WSCG-2 is the first version and although the quality of the ground coffee is comparable, almost the same as theWilfa Svart CGWS-130B, the grinder has a lower price.

Looking at these two versions, you will immediately notice thedifference in visual processing. In the first version, a combination of black and stainless steel was used, whereas the second model is all-black.

Apart from these cosmetic details, the price increase of the second version of this grinder is due to technical improvements.

Themotor is quieter and the ground coffee container has an anti-static coating.

Why Wilfa Svart?

Thesecond, all-black version makes the Wilfa Svart a finely tuned home grinder for filter coffee. Its advantages include:

  • easy operation: just turn the hopper, which clearly indicates the grinding stages - up to70 grinding stages
  • quality grinding: the grinding unit is made up of conical grinding stones made of steel
  • Durable construction: the body of the grinder is highly durable as it is made of steel. The plastic is only the hopper and the container for the ground coffee
  • other features: motor protection against coffee jamming between the stones, grinding timer, anti-static coffee container, cable storage space at the bottom of the grinder, large capacity up to 250g of coffee

The Wilfa grinder for every day

Many satisfied customerspraise it. The only negative mention concerns the shape of the ground coffee container. However, this imperfection has a minimal impact on the functionality of the grinder.

In our home, the Wilfa has been grinding reliably and every day for more than two years. Together with the Brewista Smart Scale V2 and the Brewista Smart Pour kettle , it forms the essential equipment for the home barista for the preparation of filter coffee.

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