Coffee beans for espresso - Taste characteristics - Sweet

Coffee beans for the espresso machine and other popular espresso-based coffees such as cappuccino, flat white or latte. We roast our selection with care and sensitivity to bring out the natural potential of the espresso. For a complex, sweet and pleasant espresso with a balanced taste, prepared in a manual or automatic coffee machine.

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Colombia AnsermaColombia Anserma

Colombia Anserma

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8,80 €
Taste characteristics Chocolate, Strawberry, Sweet, Citrus
Acidity of coffee Less acidic
Using Espresso
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Indonesia Gayo Asman AriantoIndonesia Gayo Asman Arianto

Indonesia Gayo Asman Arianto

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13,20 €
Taste characteristics Chocolate, Cherry, Sweet
Acidity of coffee More acidic
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