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It's time to get a new coffee gadget. Here's everything your coffee-obsessed soul has been dreaming of. Adore and choose among the "coffee gadgets", whether it's the world's most stylish coffee grinder, a Hoffmann-like travel espresso machine, or you prefer a filter and want a grinder and dripper in one? Once you've picked what will make you happy and caffeinated - so multiply the joy, be sure to ensure you have plenty of roasted beans with a coffee subscription. If that selection isn't enough, check out the coffee gifts and if you want the real deal, come join us for a coffee class.

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Hand grinder Goat Story Arco 2-in-1Acro 2in1 electric grinder

Goat Story Arco 2-in-1

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510,40 €
Material of grinding stones Steel
Shape of grinding stones Conical
Size of grinding stones (mm) 47 mm