Domestic manual coffee machines - Functions of the coffee machine - Touch screen display

In our range of home lever coffee machines you will find a wide selection of models with many advanced funkcií⚙️☕. These coffee makers are equipped with advanced technologies and features such as automatic shut-off and cleaning systems, advanced controls including touchscreens and Bluetooth connectivity 📱.

They also offer features to customize your coffee experience such as adjusting grind coarseness, water quantity, temperature and pressure 🔧. With options like cup warming, energy saving modes 💡 and programmable buttons, these coffee makers meet the needs of everyday coffee lovers as well as discerning baristas who seek perfection in every cup ☕👌.


Quick info -1% PID function Fast heating
Rocket Espresso R NINE ONE Boiler size (l) : 1,9Rocket Espresso R NINE ONE Boiler size (l) : 3,6

Rocket Espresso R NINE ONE

Delivery 5-6 days
5 521 € 5 576,80 €
Boiler Multi boiler
Dosage Configurable
Daily capacity of the coffee machine 80