Domestic manual coffee machines - To - Restaurant

Our wide range of home lever coffee machines is ideal for a variety of environments and needs. We offer models that are not only perfect for the home 🏠, but are also suitable for use in cars 🚗, caravans 🚐, offices 🏢, as well as in professional environments such as patisseries 🍰, espresso bars 🍵, cafes ☕ and restaurants 🍽️.
From compact and inexpensive coffee machines ideal for travel 🧳 to almost professional coffee machines for the perfect espresso preparation, our range covers all your needs. Whether you're looking for a coffee machine with or without a grinder, our range is guaranteed to have a machine to suit your requirements for making quality espresso in any environment. 
Quick info -1% PID function Fast heating
The black Ascaso Baby T lever espresso machine.Ascaso Baby T with thermal stability system

Ascaso Baby T Plus Dark Black

Delivery 5-6 days
4 208,60 € 4 251,10 €
Boiler Multi boiler, Thermoblock
Dosage Configurable
Daily capacity of the coffee machine 30