Acaia - where coffee is really appreciated

The founders founded Acacia with a simple but very demanding mission: to bring design and technology together in the specialty coffee community. They believe that the coffee machines of the future must offer a high-quality service, have a beautiful design and integrated hardware and software. That's why Acacia is at the forefront of baristas' minds.

Brewing coffee must be an experience and a pleasure at the same time, with the ease with which measurements can be applied to the barista. Barista scales from Acacia take measurement to a whole new level. Develop your pouring skills with a real-time flow indicator. New technology makes both stabilisation and measurement faster, saving busy baristas valuable time.

The coffee industry is very demanding today, so the company's founders set out to create scales that were both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This is why the current Acaia team is made up of coffee industry professionals. The best design and development team works on state-of-the-art laboratory scales.