AeroPress - the world's favourite coffee brewing method

Alan Adler, is the man who made coffee brewing easy for all deep L filter lovers. He based the AeroPress on simplicity, build quality and affordability. Today, the AeroPress World Coffee Championship is held annually.

The founder of AeroPress, Inc. is Alan Adler. The brand is renowned for its simple, alternative method of brewing coffee that can be prepared anywhere in the world.

These days, filter coffee is more popular than ever. One way to prepare filter coffee is to use the AeroPress. It's made of tough and durable plastic, so if you're looking for a coffee companion for travel and outings, you certainly won't go wrong with an AeroPress.

In 2004, Alan Adler came up with the idea of creating an innovative machine that was light to carry and that made great coffee. And so, a year later in November, Alan Adler unveiled the groundbreaking AeroPress at a coffee industry trade show.

After it took several years for Alan Adler to gain credibility in the coffee world, he began selling the AeroPress to Deep L lovers in the US and in more than 60 other countries around the world.

The company flourished and the AeroPress became known around the world. In 2019, they expanded the AeroPress product line to include the AeroPress Go travel coffee maker. Today, Alan and his team are constantly looking for improvements and new innovations for AeroPress.

Alan Adler is the president of AeroPress, Inc. An inventor and engineer who is constantly honing his skills and creating new things for the world. He is the holder of more than 40 patents. In addition to his boats, Aerobie sports toys and coffee makers, AeroPress has designed instrumentation systems for military aircraft, nuclear reactors and submarines, as well as paraboloid lenses for telescopes, to name a few. He has lectured at Stanford University, NASA, Google, Caltech, Princeton, UC Davis and The Royal Aeronautical Society in London.

Alan and his wife Irene, with whom he runs the company, live in Los Altos, California. On any given day you can find Alan in his workshop working on his next new invention or enjoying a delicious cup of coffee brewed in the AeroPress.

The AeroPress is for all lovers of deep L filters and is also suitable for travel thanks to its durability and light weight. Pack the AeroPress in your backpack and enjoy your coffee anywhere in the world. Use the AeroPress to prepare coffee for up to two people. Brewing coffee in the AeroPress is really easy. There are two methods of brewing coffee, choose your own. We have a step-by-step process for you on the blog.