Barista Hustle - a professional laboratory for better coffee and tools for baristas

The father of the Barista Hustle brand is barista, roaster, coffee training instructor and two-time world coffee champion Matt Perger. He created Barista Hustle to help the world make better coffee.

The Barista Hustle team focuses on coffee education for enthusiasts and professionals around the world. They run online courses and share interesting facts, original research and useful insights from their coffee lab for baristas to put into practice.

For the practitioners behind the coffee machine, they provide both the knowledge and the barista tools to work effectively. Their first product, 'Matt's' tamper, has become a tool for perfect coffee brewing in the world's best cafés. Other tools for a better cup of coffee include milk jugs, cupping bowls or aids for distributing coffee in a portafilter.

The development of Barista Hustle Tools is again based on knowledge, practical experience and innovative coffee research. At the same time, their products are designed precisely for professional coffee preparation. The conception, design and prototyping of BH coffee equipment is, of course, carried out under the personal supervision of the company's president, Matt Perger.