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Bialetti is the legendary moka pot manufacturer from Italy. The moka pot is suitable for people who love espresso but do not want to buy an expensive espresso machine for their home.

A symbol of Italian coffee drinking - the moka pot. Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti is behind its creation. The moka pot is popular for its ease of preparation and the resulting coffee flavour, which resembles espresso. You can find the procedure on how to prepare coffee in a moka pot on our blog.

The history of the brand dates back to 1933, when Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti introduced this revolutionary invention to the coffee world. For this reason, the moka pot is also sometimes referred to as a bialetta. In the 1950s, the bialetta became popular all over Italy and appeared in all households. But Italy did not keep this wonder to itself. The mocha teapot found popularity throughout Europe and also made its way to Latin America, for example. It became an iconic symbol that still evokes the art of the time.

The mocha teapot consists primarily of three parts. The lower part holds water, which is gradually heated and expanded. This increases the pressure in the container, which helps to push the water upwards through the middle section. In the middle section there is a sieve with ground coffee, through which the water passes, and at the top the already finished coffee gushes out. The moka pot works on a similar principle to a vacuum pot.

It has been almost 90 years since the birth of the moka pot, so we can find a large selection of moka pots on the market. Of course, there are moka pots from other brands than Bialetti, but with Bialetti you are always guaranteed quality and careful workmanship. 

Moka kettles come in different colours, shapes and materials. If you are deciding between an aluminium teapot and a stainless steel option, we recommend the stainless steel one. The Bialetti brand hasn't forgotten about induction hobs either, so it's up to you which moka pot you choose and which one suits you. For lovers of deep L with milk, there are the so-called mukka express. This more sophisticated version will allow you to prepare a mocha cappuccino straight into the moka pot.