BWT - An innovative brand that provides cutting-edge solutions for clean, quality water in your everyday life. 💧🚰

BWT - Best Water Technology is a company that helps to treat water with filter cartridges, thereby extending the life of coffee machines. By filtering the water, you prevent limescale build-up in the machine's plumbing. Filtration is primarily involved in the final taste of the coffee prepared. This brand's technology can solve any task, which is why it bears the name Best Water Technology.

The name BWT is based on the abbreviation Best Water Technology. The company deals with water treatment, especially water filtration, which is very important for coffee preparation. We use filter cartridges from BWT and recommend them in all gastro operations. 

Water filtration is an important part of coffee preparation and is essential for the proper functioning of the coffee machine. Because bad water can ruin your coffee machine before you know it. The quality of the water plays a significant role in the final taste of the coffee. This is because water contains various minerals, chemicals and sediments. The ratio of these substances depends on the area where you get your water from. We offer you various filtration systems from BWT, the European market leader. Interested in water filtration? We have a blog article for you.

For example, BWT filter kettles contain filter cartridges with Mg2+, which filter out limescale and substances that do not affect the taste of drinking water. Just pour tap water into the kettle. The water can be used for coffee, tea and direct consumption. Thanks to special BWT filters, the filtered water is mineralised with magnesium.

The company's motto is For you and the blue planet, the company wants to preserve the best of the planet and pass it on to us humans.  Their mission is to develop economical and environmentally friendly water treatment products and services. The company has been in business since 1990 and today Best Water Technology is Europe's leading water treatment technology company.