Comandante - Number one in manual coffee grinders. ☕

The high-quality Comandante grinders come from Germany. Design and functionality come first. You will find them in several colours. Which one fits best on your kitchen shelf?

Comandante is a German brand that produces manual coffee grinders. The grinders are designed and manufactured with the highest quality to satisfy even the biggest lovers of good coffee. 

The C40 grinders are robust and high performance. Comandante has perfected the entire geometry and structure of the grinder to grind the best coffee possible. Blade manufacturing is an important task for mechanical engineers. Production requires special tools, equipment and also a lot of experience.

The price of the grinder is high compared to others, but it is definitely worth it. Comandante puts high functionality and design in the first place when manufacturing. The grinder comes in several colors, so choose the one that fits best on your kitchen shelf. Read the article about grinding, which is the foundation of all good coffee.