Eureka - Master coffee grinder from Florence. ☕

The Eureka brand, originally from Florence, Italy, represents a 100-year tradition in the field of professional coffee grinders. With their high quality, precision and reliability, these grinders are the basis for a perfectly balanced espresso. ☕🇮🇹
Eureka was founded in 1920 by Aurelio Conti and has dominated the market ever since thanks to its uncompromising approach to the development and manufacture of coffee grinders. Eureka combines modern technology with elegant design and its products are hand assembled in its factory in Florence. 🌟
Eureka aims to provide impeccable service and look after the needs of its customers through products that combine design, technology and innovation. The conviction of the importance of the coffee grinder is essential to create a more perfect cup of coffee, and Eureka strives to supply cafes and establishments with quality technology with grinders that are able to grind the beans evenly. We believe that Eureka grinders are not only a professional tool, but also a work of art that brings coffee lovers a superior experience. ☕👌
Quick info
Eureka Mythos Plus 76

Eureka Mythos Plus 76

Delivery 6-8 days
2 372,80 €
Dosage Configurable
Material of grinding stones Titanium surface
Shape of grinding stones Flat
Size of grinding stones (mm) 75 mm