Fellow - innovative accessories and accessories for coffee and tea lovers.

The Fellow brand has become famous for its sophisticated Stagg EKG kettle. Stagg teapots with an elongated gooseneck are used in alternative coffee preparations. Thanks to the gooseneck, you can prepare a flawless cup of coffee.
The Fellow brand has made a name for itself with the Stagg EKG teapot, which prides itself on its sophisticated design and quality craftsmanship. Fellow's products always appeal for their ease of use with attention to detail, and this is how Fellow is gaining new fans among consumers.

You need a coffee maker especially when you are making alternative coffee. This means, for example, when making coffee in an Aeropress, French Press or V60 dripper. But why use a special kettle with an extended gooseneck? We all want our coffee to taste as good as possible. This is also achieved by proper coffee extraction. Thanks to the gooseneck kettle, we can regulate the flow of the water we pour over the coffee. We can thus influence the water dosage, the speed and the accuracy of the pour. The result of controlled pouring is a balanced extraction and the resulting taste of the coffee. Read more about why a gooseneck kettle is better than a regular kettle.