Flair espresso - A handheld coffee machine that delivers the perfect espresso anywhere in the world.

Flair espresso is a machine for the manual preparation of espresso. It's electronics-free, so everything is up to you. Passionate travelers and deep L lovers can enjoy. Because the Flair espresso machine can make delicious espresso anywhere in the world. The Flair coffee machine is exclusively distributed by Spa Coffee.

The idea of the Flair portable coffee machine was born in the head of a great espresso lover. He asked himself a simple question: "What is the minimum needed to make a great espresso?" The Flair coffee maker was developed using insights from engineering and the biomedical industry. After several dozen prototypes, they managed to eliminate all unnecessary complexity. Everything has been crafted into a simple, elegant and affordable product that is designed to serve one purpose - to make the perfect espresso anywhere in the world.

Today's world is always in a hurry to get somewhere. Everything is faster, more efficient and louder. But Flair believes that sometimes it's good to get a little lost on life's journey. The journey is the destination. Flair believes that home cooked food is better than fast food, he believes that slowing down is just as important as being quick and snappy in life. He believes that happiness comes from the little things, like a hug, a sunset, or a perfectly poured cup of espresso. Taste is what defines Flair, and design sets him apart.

Everything is made by hand. The foundation of great tasting espresso is properly ground coffee, hot water and pressure. The pressure should be 9 bar. The Flair coffee machine has not forgotten this aspect and can create this pressure during preparation. The lever of the Flair is designed so that the force you exert on the coffee machine is multiplied by nine. Thanks to this pressure, the coffee is properly extracted and the espresso is prepared. For more information about the Flair coffee machine, please visit our blog.