G. Benedikt - reliable manufacturer of porcelain for gastronomy. ✨🍽️

G. Benedikt is a Czech company that produces honest and durable porcelain. It is suitable for all catering facilities, dishwasher safe and resistant to temperature changes. With the G. Benedict, you can't go wrong. 

The origin of the G. Benedict dates back to 1882. The company was founded by two Benedict brothers in Dwory, Carlsbad. In honor of the brothers, the company was named Gebrüder Benedikt. In the 1990s, after the Velvet Revolution, G. Benedikt a big change. In 1992, the porcelain factory became a member of the Swiss group Keramik Holding Ag laufen. Five years later, the porcelain factories expanded again to include Lilien in Austria and Langenthal in Switzerland.

Porcelain factory G. Benedikt still keeps up with the times and produces porcelain that is suitable for fine dining as well as for modern cafés and restaurants. Porcelain from G. Benedikt porcelain is durable and does not need to be handled with gloves. The porcelain can be washed in automatic dishwashers and reliably withstands temperature differences. 

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