Green Plantation: a Slovak roastery with a focus on the story of each coffee and customer satisfaction. 🌿☕

Green Plantation is a Slovak roastery dedicated to specialty grade coffee. These specialty coffees account for only 5-10% of the world's coffee production, due to their exceptional quality. Green Plantation makes sure that every bean that leaves their roastery meets the high quality standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). This means that each handful of beans not only contains unique flavor nuances, but also carries the story and identity of the farmer who grew the coffee. ☕🌱
Green Plantation places great emphasis on sustainability and ethical coffee production. This is because they believe that every coffee has a story that begins on the farm where it is carefully grown and harvested. The farmers involved in producing this exceptional coffee deserve not only fair financial reward for their efforts, but also recognition and support. That's why Green Plantation works hard to select farms and growers who respect nature and their employees. Each package of coffee from this roaster is carefully labeled to give customers a glimpse into the story and country of origin of their favorite coffee. 🌿🌍
Green Plantation not only strives to offer excellent coffee, but also cares about the satisfaction of its customers. In this day and age where the relationship between retailer and customer is easily measured by reviews and ratings, Green Plantation boasts positive feedback on Heureka, Facebook and Google. In this way, it demonstrates its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which is extremely important to it. 😊🌟