Hario - the Japanese master of glass in the world of coffee. ☕

The Japanese company Hario has its roots in 1921 and today is a globally recognized brand, especially among baristas. Hario offers a wide range of products that help in the preparation of coffee, such as the V60 model, hand grinders and many other accessories for baristas. Read on to find out why Hario is the best brand for making coffee at home.

Hario's origins date back to 1921 in Japan. They first started with the production of laboratory glassware. In 1948, they expanded production to include homeware and began manufacturing coffee accessories. In 1980, they began producing lenses for automobile headlights. Nowadays, the main focus is on the production of various products from kitchen accessories for coffee and tea to aromatherapy and pet products. 

The company name Hario is derived from the Japanese name for the King of Glass (Japanese 玻璃 王). Hario's goal is to protect nature and use high quality materials. The company uses 100% natural minerals to produce glass, thus trying to save the environment. The glass is resistant to high temperatures and acids. The company strives to produce high quality products in a variety of shapes and colours from high quality refractory glass.

Since 1972, HARIO has introduced the production of refractory glass in a factory without chimneys. For this purpose, it was necessary to invent a technology in which the melting of the glass would be carried out by electricity. The concept of glassworks took on a new dimension - smoke and dust, which pollute the air and worsen working conditions, became a thing of the past for HARIO. Today, it continues to manufacture these supplies and has further expanded its activities to include the production of a range of coffee and tea accessories. It also includes the production of other products not only made of glass, such as teapots, grinders, paper filters and scales. In addition, products for aromatherapy, pet supplies, etc.

Nowadays, alternative coffee preparation is gaining popularity. What is it? Coffee prepared in an alternative way can be easily prepared at home using appropriate means. For example, a V60 dripper, an AeroPress, a Chemex or a French press. The Hario brand offers a large number of accessories just for alternative coffee and tea preparation. With Hario you can always bet on quality. Choose from the best hand grinders, Chemex, V60 and many accessories for baristas.