Lelit: Italian coffee machines with professional standards for your kitchen. ☕️

Lelit coffee machines come from Italy. Lelit focuses on the production of coffee machines for the home. The base and body of Lelit coffee makers are based on the technologies used in professional coffee makers, making Lelit coffee makers deliver outstanding results in your kitchen.

Espresso machines are designed and manufactured in Italy. They use the same technology and components as the professional coffee machines you find in cafes and restaurants. Each individual espresso machine is designed to provide the optimum conditions for the temperature and water pressure needed for a perfectly fine-tuned espresso. Design, technology and service are the main aspects that Lelit is dedicated to. They also pay great attention to the functionality of the coffee machines. 

Lelit also likes to take inspiration from the past. It has developed a range of coffee machines that is inspired by the 1950s, when many icons of modern design were born. These include the Vespa, the Fiat 500 and the Lettera 22, which is a typewriter. Lelit has tried to incorporate the design of these icons of the last century into its coffee machines. Clean silhouettes, stainless steel, minimalist design complemented by functionality in every detail make Lelit coffee machines an unforgettable addition to your kitchen.